JUNE 2021

You will not find this information anywhere else. Median sale price of homes by Zip Code and City. Data from MLS. Prepared by TOBIN SEVEN, Principal Broker / Army Veteran.
TOBIN SEVEN, Principal Broker, Army Veteran.
Licensed in Virginia, Maryland and DC. Eagle Scout
Veteran Owned and Operated. 
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See below. Unexpectedly 30-year fixed rate home mortgages are at a 6-month low. If you are thinking of buying a home---why wait? Inflation is over 5% and home interest rates are sure to rise.
Tobin's note: You would have to save $5,000 a month ($60,001 total) to buy same home you saw 12 months ago. 15% annual increase. WOW!

Why wait to buy? See statistics below that confirm the $60,001 increase in median home price in past 12 months
See chart below:
MARYLAND (see below). Number of Homes for sale is at a historic low.
See "gold" and "orange" dials below. SUMMARY: SELLER's Market.

See below. So true!
See below. Graph shows inventory of homes for sale is at a 22-year low.

See chart below. Sales are increasing from last year.
See chart below. Median sold price is up 15% in past 12 months. WOW!
Homes in MARYLAND are on the market for only 7 days before being sold!
See chart below---by Zip Code and Corresponding City
The 74 zip codes/communities in MARYLAND saw a 15% increase in home sale median values in past 12 months, Median price of homes went UP from $399,999 to $460,000.
Past monthly, Housing Stats for Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC can be found at:
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TOBIN SEVEN, Principal Broker (Realtor) / Army Veteran --- Licensed in Virginia, DC and Maryland. Eagle Scout.
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