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Fishing in Kamchatka, Russia
Fishermen take a break for lunch on the Zhupanova River in southern Kamchatka, Russia.
Photo: Val Atkinson courtesy of The Fly Shop.


TOURS 2013

Tour operators and outfitters experienced in travel to Eastern Russia offer trips to accommodate a wide range of interests, ranging from wildlife and cultural tours to fishing, volcano-climbing and scientific expeditions. 


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 The Russian Far East is your ticket to wildlife, volcanoes, and amazing landscapes!
Direct service from Anchorage  
on Yakutia Airlines starts on June 27


Avacha Volcano Base Camp
The Russian Far East has superb and unique wildlife viewing. Photo: Kamchatintour

7 Reasons to Visit the Russian Far East Now... This summer, the Russian Far East is more accessible to US travelers than ever before. Here are just a few reasons why you should discover this intriguing land for yourself:   


It's Close. Kamchatka is just a 4.5 hour flight from Anchorage, and just 3 hours further lies Khabarovsk. Round trip air fare to Kamchatka starts at $1048 (incl. taxes), and to Khabarovsk at the new reduced price of $1214 (incl. taxes). At Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, passengers can make the convenient 2 hour connection to fly to Yakutsk or Magadan.  


Adventure Travel.  Eastern Russia is home to many world class adventure travel destinations, including the UNESCO Heritage Sites Kamchatka volcanoes and geysers, Lake Baikal, Lena Pillars Nature Park, and the Sikhote-Alin range, habitat of the Amur tiger.  


Opportunity. The business climate in Russia has greatly stabilized since the turbulent 1990's. Foreign and American businessmen are successfully doing business in Russia in ever greater numbers. The Russian federal government considers development of the Far East to be one of its highest priorities, and great economic growth is anticipated. The region is also well placed to be a transit and logistics hub for exporting Russian natural resources to other countries and importing consumer goods deeper into Russia.   


Wilderness and Wildlife. Population density in the Russian Far East is slightly more than one person per square kilometer. This means most of the region is wilderness - untamed, untouched wilderness, rare to find anywhere else in the world. Kamchatka's brown bears are some of the largest bears on the planet. It's also a home to 50% of world's population of Stellar's Sea Eagle, the largest eagle on Earth. The Russian Far East is a fisherman's paradise - Kamchtaka  is the spawning ground of one-quarter of the world's Pacific salmon, and the Siberian taimen, the world's largest trout, is found  in the Lena and Amur rivers.


Connections. Eastern Russia and the West Coast of the US have long been linked by multiple sister city relationships, business ties, educational and cultural exchanges. A friendly contact in the Russian Far East may be just the catalyst you need to create a new connection or rekindle an old friendship. 


Culture.  The cultural traditions of Russia, its indigenous peoples, and its Asian neighbors all overlap in Russia's Far East. Take part in a dance performance, visit a Russian orthodox church, explore museums, or try out some of Vladivostok's diverse ethnic restaurants. From Anadyr to Yakutsk to Vladivostok, you'll experience the richness of this region's cultures.


Trains, Planes, and Helicopters. There are many ways to get to Eastern Russia's most interesting places. Plan a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway between Vladivostok and Lake Baikal, take a cruise on the Amur or Lena rivers, or visit Kamchatka's Uzon Caldera and Valley of Geysers by helicopter.  


 For schedules and fares, CLICK HERE.  





AirCargo Yakutia Airlines offers air cargo service both East- and Westbound between Anchorage and Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky. The service operates every Thursday, June 27-September 26.

CLICK HERE for shipping guidelines and pricing.     



Plan your Trip to the RFE Travel to Russia may involve some regulations and restrictions, such as visas, registration, and Russia-specific customs regulations. A rewarding trip begins with good planning, so check the links below to begin your trip preparations. If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please CONTACT US

  • For Russian visa; migration cards; visa registration in Russia; traveling on dual U.S./Russian citizenship; traveling with a minor; U.S. citizen services in Russia, CLICK HERE.
  • Baggage Allowances and Fees: For information on baggage rules on Yakutia Airlines and a summary of excess baggage fees, CLICK HERE. Please note that baggage allowances and fees on Yakutia Airlines' domestic routes may vary.   
  • Russia Hunter Information: Are you planning a hunting expedition to Russia? The US Fish and Wildlife Service has provided this packet of information to ensure the proper and expedient clearance of your wildlife (i.e., hunting trophies) and/or wildlife products, into the United States. To download the document, CLICK HERE.
  • Traveling with Guns from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk:
    -Guns should be registered with customs before departure from the US to avoid difficulties when returning;
    -Guns should be packaged in TSA-approved cases;
    -Standard baggage rules and fees apply to hunters. For detailed baggage rules on Yakutia Airlines, CLICK HERE.
  • Traveling with Guns on Domestic Russian Flights beyond Petropavlovsk: Transportation of weapons on domestic Russian flights is only permitted for foreign citizens if they are accompanied by a Russian citizen with a permit to carry weapons.
  • PKC Airport Map International Arrivals at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport: Passengers traveling from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk arrive at the International Terminal. Travelers first proceed to passport control, where they present passports and prepared immigration forms (available on board the aircraft and in the terminal). Passengers then retrieve luggage and continue through Russian customs. Passengers connecting to Russian domestic flights, including the continuation of the Yakutia Airlines flight to Khabarovsk, recheck their baggage at the Main Airport Terminal prior to proceeding to security screening. Passengers may check-in for domestic flights at the international terminal for an additional fee.  
  • International Departures from Kamchatka: The International Terminal of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport opens 2 hours prior to departure of international flights. 
  • CLICK HERE to view a larger version of the airport map.         


Check "Trans-Siberian Railroad" off your bucket list...
12-19 September 2013  


Vladivostok is a major economic, cultural, commercial and transportation hub of Russia's Far East.
Explore Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, Eastern Russia's most dynamic cities, on your way to this September's Russian American Pacific Partnership meeting (RAPP), and get a taste of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and wonders of Kamchatka while you're at it.  

AirRussia.US is offering a special one-week travel package, September 12-19, built around the upcoming September 17-18 RAPP meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, with convenient departure and return through Anchorage, Alaska.  
The proposed package would include all airfare (Yakutia Airlines and other domestic airlines), hotels+breakfast in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, transfers between airports and hotels, and a Kamchatka layover excursion. Package would not include visa processing fees, RAPP attendance, or excursions and meals not listed above.  A minimum of ten confirmed participants is required to arrange the travel package. CLICK HERE here for proposed itinerary. CONTACT AirRussia.US for pricing details.   


Multiple departures in August and September 


FAM trip to Kamchatka Kamchatka's premier travel operator, Kamchatintour, will host travel agents on Yakutia Airlines' weekly flights from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatksy, Russia.  In one week, you'll travel by raft, all-terrain vehicle, boat and on foot; you'll experience volcanoes, native culture, geysers, and see some of the world's most dramatic landscapes and unique wildlife. Multiple departures in August and September.   

Once you've experienced Kamchatka for yourself, you'll want to return with your clients! CONTACT US for schedule and pricing.


- Ysyakh Festival, Yakutsk, June 29-30, 2013:
The traditional Yakut summer solstice celebration. This holiday is a celebration of the revival and renewal of nature, fertility and the beginning of a new year. It is accompanied by national Yakut rituals and ceremonies, folk dancing, horse racing, Yakut ethnic music and singing, national cuisine, and competitions in traditional Yakut sport. Read more...

- 12-th International Conference of the Russian Society for Ecological Economics (RSEE 2013), Lake Baikal / Irkutsk, August 5-10, 2013
Managing Ecological-Economic Systems: Interaction of Government, Business, Science, and Society. Read more...


International Forum. Ecological tourism: problems and prospects of development in the Russian Far East, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, September 17-18, 2013
The Kamchatka Regional Government will be hosting an international eco-tourism conference to promote eco-tourism on the Kamchatka peninsula. The conference will be an important international forum to educate and share experience about sustainable tourism. Read more... 
- RAPP Meeting, Vladivostok, September 17-18, 2013
The 18th Annual Meeting of the Russian American Pacific Partnership. (RAPP). Read more... 
- The 17th Annual Conference & Exhibition, Sakhalin Oil & Gas 2013, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, September, 23-26
Sakhalin and the Russian Far East - Advancing Russia's Eastern Energy Vector, Stolitsa Business Center, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. Read more... 
Check our APRIL and MAY Newsletters for more Russian Far East events.   


Authentic Russian Dishes to Try in Petropavlovsk    


Russian caviar

Like all large urban cities, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky serves up an eclectic mix of traditional Russian foods as well as imported favorites, such as Korean Kimchi, Chinese noodles and even pizza and French fries. But your best bet is to stick to much-loved Russian fare. It's as much a part of your Russian experience as observing Kamchatka's magnificent landscape.



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