Volume 5 | June 2017
~ June 2017 Newsletter ~
** Sizzling Summer **
Pilates and More gets an A+ from The Pilates Doctor!
Jay and Pricilla Hart of Boulder, Colorado visited Pilates and More for
3 hours on Friday, May 19th... And they were super impressed with the condition of the 15 year old equipment in the Studio!

They immediately mentioned the cleanliness and orderliness of the Studio ~ and I want to personally thank all of  YOU for helping us to maintain the quality of the equipment by your participation at the close of every session or group class. It has proven to make a difference!!!

Jay and Pricilla examined each of the 30+ configurations of the equipment in detail. Fine-tuning every nut, bolt, spring ~ and recovering the fabric on two mats. Part of the practice of Pilates is efficiency. Treating our bodies to precise, practical , functional movement carries over into daily living. Our tasks, occupations ~ even our leisure activities. The sequencing of the movements (including transitions) in our movements is supported by  this remarkable equipment.

Thank you, again, for keeping the Studio ready in amazing condition...
just as the practice keeps you in amazing condition!!!
Our Revolutionary Class Schedule
Have a busy summer schedule coming up? Or maybe you'll have even more free time! Whatever it may be, you always have the opportunity to experience ALL of the equipment we have to offer ~ from Reformer, to Chair, to Ladder Barrel and more!

Week in and week out, the time, instructor, and class levels all remain the same for our classes... but the content rotates!

Each day, we have a different approach to class with Mat, Reformer, Pole, Chair, Ladder Barrel/Ball. This allows YOU to develop at new levels, and our teachers a new view of the clients practice. 

Check out our Instagram @pilatesandmore110 for weekly equipment logs, class photos, and more!
Contact us to sign up or make schedule changes: 610-687-6855 | studio@pilatesandmore.com

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN ~
With Belly Dancing and/or Painting with a Twist!

Missed meeting Amalia??
Another chance is here!
By popular demand ~ she's coming back on July 14th!

[$25 per person to participate]

After studying belly dancing at a very young age in her hometown of San Fransisco, she developed a passion for helping women find confidence, power, fluidity, passion and sensuality through the craft!

In May, she showed 20+ women some basic belly dance movements right in our studio! She also put on a beautiful performance, and gave them time to practice their fresh skills!

Give us a ring or send us an e-mail to sign up for our July GNO! And click HERE to see what Amalia is all about.

Or... join us for adult beverages and fun at Painting with a Twist!!!
On July 28th ~ Located at 107 E Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA
$35 Per Person | Call the studio if interested

Compass Rose
A "must-read" ~ By: Elizabeth Austin
Fast forward to the year 2056.
Emily Caring is a college student in her early twenties.
The United States erupts into civil war.

The revolutionaries claim that they will restructure society to eliminate income inequality, and they begin by arresting government officials and their families.

While Emily manages to escape arrest and make it on her own to a refugee camp… her father is imprisoned, her mother is placed in a work camp with her youngest brother, and her middle brother is missing.

And the four year war splinters the United States into five countries: Northwest America, Confederacy, United North, Texas, and the New Republic.

Will Emily ever reunite with her family? And what happens when she and her new love interest plan to overthrow the new government together?

There’s only one way to find out what Emily learns about her family, and what it means to be a leader in this new world order. Read Elizabeth Austin’s novel by paperback or on your Kindle TODAY!

Click HERE to purchase the novel | Click HERE to watch the official trailer 
Calling all gardeners!
Wednesday, June 7th!
Want to start gardening this summer?
Or maybe you LOVE to already!

Essential oils are valuable tools for EVERY gardener ~ Whether you are trying to chase away garden pests, improve the health and growth of crops, or restore those gardener hands!

Learn how to keep your garden natural and thriving this season with...

Gardening with dōTERRA!
Wednesday, June 7th at 7:00 pm

You will walk away with knowledge of how to use essential oils to enhance your natural gardening experience. Contact the studio to sign up!
Studio theme of the month ~ zee FEET!

We see more of our feet in the summer...
This reminds us we need to take care of what carries us through the day!

NEW TO THE STUDIO: Toe Corrector
(Joe's Toe Gizmo)

Fix your Feet to Lift your Seat!

This funky piece of equipment may be small, but it can help you reduce bunion pain, and re-connect your feet to the rest of the body!

Your instructor might have you give it a go during your next class or session... Be ready!
~ Your Summer Cool Down ~
    Cucumber Water 
This isn't just for spa's anymore... It's a simple, healthy solution to SUPER hydration that can be enjoyed right in your home!

Just pick a cucumber, and leave the skin on ~ Wash it, slice it, place it in your water and enjoy!

2 slices for a glass & 6 slices for a pitcher
Instant Hydration Boost ~ And it tastes divine!

Click here to learn more of the many benefits of drinking cucumber water.
    Kombucha Kick
Yup... We are still on the Kombucha Kick! Super hydration and a multitude of additional benefits!

...And it's available on tap at the Gryphon Cafe right in Wayne!

HEALTH-ADE is Carol's new favorite. Try the BEET version... YUM!

SNERGY is Angelina's grab-and-go grocery store fav! With many miscellaneous flavors...
Come experience seasonal American cuisine at this causal bouchon-style atmosphere, as they welcome back their Executive Chef ~ Ron Silverberg!

With a foundation of French culinary principles, his goal is to create simple, flavorful, exceptional food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that entices and delights all the senses.

Located right on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, you must check it out!
Click the links below to take a peak before you go... 

Carol's Question Corner
Walking more during the extended daylight hours? Double check your body mechanics and get more out of every step! Especially core strength. Yup ~ a video just for Walking and Sitting postures! Both what we do most!

Carol's help is available in your own home. Check out one of the 15+ videos on the Pilates and More website!

If you care to practice anywhere and everywhere!  $25 for three months! Yup ~ for all 15+.

Give the studio a call for the password...
610-687-6855 | studio@pilatesandmore.com
Get refreshed!
Is summertime reminding you of muscles that have been dormant over the Winter?? Time to pamper yourself with a rejuvenating massage!

That's what Melanie is here for!

Our fabulous massage therapist is waiting to whisk you away to place of mental peace, relaxation, and happiness ~ While preparing you for more summer activities. 

Mel wants to help you get the true refresh that you need!

Contact Melanie directly or call the studio to schedule an appointment ~   

[ $90 for an hour | $135 for 90 minutes ]

Phone/Text: 484-424-9874
Email: pointofcontactmassage@gmail.com
Website: www.pointofcontactmassage.com
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