JUNE 2021
Pilates and More REJUVENATES regularly...
...and now that restrictions have relaxed ~ we are ready to share it with YOU!
Pilates IS a rejuvenating "movement" method incorporating the professional disciplines and diversity of the Pilates and More Team and their devotion to moving you as well as you can for as long as you can ~ with all the JOY and challenges each day presents!

Our team has grown both in size and skills. We have listened to your desires and concerns for your overall wellness and that has inspired us to explore how to serve YOU better.
Functional movements are movements based on real-world situational bio-mechanics. Involving multi-planar, multi-joint movements, that place demand on the body's core-musculature and innervation.

At Pilates and More we are introducing, and sometimes re-introducing, Balance, Strength and Flexibility ~ in a fresh, practical, simple, enjoyable and challenging way!
During 2020 we introduced:
ZOOM classes that will remain on the schedule for the foreseeable future!

Clients invited friends and family out of the region to join. Former clients that moved away, and continue to receive this newsletter, joined from afar.

This SUMMER as you travel to vacation homes, visit family & friends...remember you can join us from wherever you are!...and be sure to invite your housemates! Who's ZOOMing WHO?
MORE is in STORE ~ with Specialty Classes!

S T R E T C H Sessions with Meghan Purdy Martin - a huge hit!!!
1/2 hour ~ fully clothed ~ on a large, square floor mat,
 in the privacy of our 3rd room.
$50 per session ~ 10 session package $450
Follow your Pilates session with this self-care treatment for a whole new you!
TEXT Meghan directly to schedule: 610-506-9684

We have discussed with many of you concerns about Balance and Strength. While you continuously experience our latest skills...it seems the staff just keeps getting better and better. And so do YOU! Look for this ZOOM class taught by Teresa (Groshans) Steszewski. Carol NEVER misses taking this class! Great for ALL levels.
email: teresasteszewski@gmail.com to sign up!

Classes using the Reformer with Jump Board. More cardio! Again, we have heard your desire to step up your wellness. The option to use the Jump Board with as MUCH or as little actual "jumping" ~ your choice. Hand weights for an added challenge! So many benefits.
Just ask your instructor to add this feature!!!

Whole Body ~ and separately: Face, Feet and Hands. Balls will be used to maintain the suppleness and tone in all muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

A unique feature at Pilates and More has been rotating the equipment used daily! This ensures that clients practicing multiple days each week get the full Pilates experience. Each week the schedule rotates, as well. This creates well-rounded clients and teachers! Calling on all of our skills to reach every skill each of us possesses! Look for a more structured exposure beginning mid-June!

LOOK FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS ABOUT SPECIAL CLASSES in Email Blasts, posted in the Studio, at the Front Desk, Instagram, Facebook and, of course, this monthly Newsletter!!!
June Spotlights:
By: John Howard Steel
The surprising story of PILATES ~ The MAN and THE METHOD.
Part biography, part history, and part memoir. Caged Lion untangles for the first time Joseph Pilates's opaque life story and the perilous journey of his exercise progrram known the world over as Pilates. Now practiced by over 10 million people!!!

John Howard Steel brings Joseph Pilates and his eponymous exercise regime to life from his unique perspective as a student, friend and confidant.

Support our local merchants:
Restaurant: LaScalas Fire
LASCALAS FIRE in Villanova, brings you home away from home for wood-fired Italian American with a modern twist, to the heart of Philly's Main Line. Enjoy diverse tastes for all palates, made from fresh and natural ingredients. GENEROUS portions!!! Great for sharing, in a warm, comfortable atmosphere with friendly, knowledgeable service. Everything is made fresh daily.
Call: 484-383-3339 for Reservations!

Essential Oil: TerraShield Spray
Keep those pesky bugs at bay!
Your must-have Blend contains essential oils and other plant oils know to provide outdoor protection in a natural, safe way. This newly updated formula protects against environmental annoyances. Apply to legs, arms and neck before going outdoors ... or order the oil to diffuse on your patio. DO check for skin sensitivity when applying directly to the skin. Spray the air, around your door, windows or tent.
Move: Shoulder Bridge with Versa Loop

Have you noticed our teachers throwing some orange bands into your classes and private sessions recently? These Versa Loops are perfect for a plethora of movements! Place the loop comfortably around the upper legs around mid thigh to work the hip and leg muscles a little extra during your shoulder bridges on the Mat!
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