The Best Fly Fishing Book in Years- The announcement from the ANGLING TRADE MAGAZINE. May-21-2020


I hope you are all doing as well as you can during these strange times. We managed to make the goal and I can't congratulate or thank you all enough for your awesome help and support. All of you helped made this first book happen(even if you just looked) and I hope you will be as proud of it as Trigger is. :) All the printed books and give always were sent out 10 days + ago.

Lots of you are asking hows business holding up - Well business is very dead and I'm surviving only due to the government hand outs and so glad the NZ government is helping us small business - I can't lay anyone off, as its just me her - though maybe Trigger :). I,m even just about to borrow from the tax department- now that is quite remarkable, being able to get help from them!

I was going to get another job to pay the bills, though I'm having some more health issues and about to go back under the knife this time a hip. Both are shot,one has got bad. Having to fork out and go private as the public system would take maybe a year or more I've been told.
I,m still lucky compared to many out there especially at this time in the world. Hopefully be all good and walking come oct for work, the joys of getting younger each day and not working to hard through the years!! :) :)

Back to the book. The print version is now available to order straight from my web site, the only place you can get and own a printed copy.

The photo above is Paul in the Jungle(I,m far more ugly), he features in the book more than any fish and so he should the guy is a fly fishing/casting legend.

Last Saturday was my local book launch, held in the huge resort town of Athol at the Famous Brown Trout cafe run by Rob & Jane along with the awesome Ellie (the sneaky chef).
44 Locals showed up , for the talk and slide show, was fun :) and that I apparently managed to entertain all. Despite my Scottish dialect and the odd swear word.At least the kids understood those words! :)

Selling on the night an amazing amount of books = 37 books out of 44 people not bad.(36 I bought) It was interesting only two of the book purchasers were fishermen.

The feedback so far, from the few people that don't fish that have read it, is its a good fun,easy and interesting read. Its going to be interesting to see what people who fish think of it? maybe they will not have an open mind expecting it to be a normal fishing book.There is nothing normal about me and what I do. Some bugger, just pointed out to me - Maybe they are right?
Another big named editor of a huge NZ fishing publication has also just read the book and loved it, saying its the least stale fishing book he's ever read and could not put it down.

All this support and kind words is and has always been so humbling to hear.

So now I need some help to try and sell some copies and get it out there from you and any of your friends.

I need reviews on Amazon.

You have a couple of days only to download your FREE copy of JUNGLE BLUES vol-3. Its not as good as the print version with the photos and extra bits and super cool cover.
Who has ever given you such a gift of thousands of hours away of bloody hard work, for FREE- just for some hopefully kind words.

So please keep supporting what I do, you are all awesome and its my gift to you all at this terrible time in the world and as a thank you for your support.

If you have bought the printed book please also after you have finished reading it, leave an amazon review (feedback) it will definitely help me into the future with my other books - so do it or else!
I know where you live. :)

It has been such an amazing creative journey this first book and I'm currently working on the other projects, it never stops. More cool stuff to come soon so watch this space.

Stu & Trigger
SOME INTERESTING UPDATES - that are not found in the book ! - first published on Kickstarter.


It only had taken me three months to actually see an elephant then I got rewarded with a small group. These elephants may have not have ever seen a white person in this dense jungle, maybe they were like "Check out that freaky white person on that small boat!". They were pretty wary so that made me think they definitely got poached and hunted. To see a big old Asian bull with tusks so close, that would be a prime target for poachers, was so amazing.
 My first fish that I caught in the Jungle was so cute and a small snakehead fish, I wanted to hide it in my underpants and smuggle it back home.Though even though it was small and cute it had razor sharp teeth and I dare say, not an ideal specimen to smuggle anywhere in your underpants!
There was one fish we were after called A Giant Gourami. Paul had a friend who works at place in the UK which has a big pet one of these fish in a huge tank, they drop whole cabbages heads into the tank and it comes up to the surface and inhales the full thing in one gulp. 
Lucky for me I managed to hook nine of them during my time in the jungle, Paul the so called Gourami expert! hooked NO Gourami :) in the three months, so I was pretty chuffed.(this is a great wind- up if he reads this) Most of the stories of the Gourami book are not in the book for special reasons, which goes to show that there is even more juicy stuff in the book and its not just about fishing. Which is cool as that is what I envisioned for this book and the full series.
Keep letting the world know about JUNGLE BLUES Vol-3 and the up and coming books which are coming much sooner than you may think.
Stu & Trigger
SOME INTERESTING UPDATES - that are not found in the book ! - first published on Kickstarter.


We have done it :) all the hard work has paid off and putting myself out there and asking for help, thank you all so much. Any funds left over will go towards the next volume and hopefully turning JUNGLE BLUES Vol-3 into an audio book. So please pledge to the final date it will all help thank you for being part of making this happen, you rock.
 Some more interesting stuff not in the book, I hope you enjoy these little updates.

    I'm pretty sure the heat and humidity even more so in the last month that I was there on my own, was caused by all the palm oil plantations and deforestation all around Asia. It was I discovered the perfect weather for the summer burn, legal and illegal, clearing land for palm oil. For days on end the sun would be hidden by a blanket of haze across most of the sky above Asia. The tops of the submerged dead trees on the lake would suddenly ignite as well as many in the jungle and surrounding areas adding even more smoke to the sky.

    Now I do like dead stuff especially old dead tree's and then add fire to them and then a lake I was like wow. I was busy one day photographing the smoking trees and was getting some great photos and then after a while of looking through my camera lens and suddenly the boat banging into the trunks. I then noticed smoke and red hot ashes had fallen into the boat. 

     I then realized that I was carrying liters and liters of fuel in dodgy old random plastic containers and at any minute, my very small boat with me on it could explode. Frantically I manged to back off from the burning stumps and get the smoking, glowing embers all into the water and douse the boat down with water. LUCKY & STUPID :) eh! :)
SOME INTERESTING UPDATES - that are not found in the book ! - first published on Kickstarter.


Hi :) I hope you are all enjoying all unique updates of all these little things that are not in the book, enjoy. Most time we would head out for a multi-able days in separate directions and due to the humidity and heat we had to take food that would not perish quickly. There was no freeze dried meals to buy in the area,camping shops, supermarkets so we had to make do with what was available and we could afford.
I,m not sure what they put in cheese slices, I think mostly flavored recycled plastic.
You can also see in the photo above the puss and fluid starting to seep out of my left foot after it got badly sunburned, It was pretty much healed when this photo was taken.
I got lucky on one island finding a old metal fork in the sand and treasured my find like a gold nugget. I will tell you that after eating the beans, using the can as a pot, adding cold water and noodles to it, that cold uncooked noodles in dirty water is not recommended.
Keep smiling and stay healthy.
The reason I am doing this the self publishing (punk rock) route and also the hard way as such, is that every publisher I talked too, either did not reply, not interested or wanted to control everything from the cover and content etc.(what! no swearing or sex) :)
I quickly realized that the process and book would not be as creative, truthful and honest as I wished. Plus this book and the others are not for financial gain and I wanted to work with the creative people that I wished. So rather than give up, onward I marched with my hand picked team and they are all awesome creative folks and we are still marching!
Just like my fly designs, services I wanted top quality, something cool. I don't ask for much. eh!
Stu & Trigger