Interviews by Rachel and
Jean-Pierre Cartier
Translated by Cathryn Goddard
$24.95 | 160 p. | Illustrated
"A long, deep story which crosses ages and civilizations. . . . Discover how an intellectual Frenchwoman of the 20th century, a witness to her own time and to her personal-commitment, questions herself about the quest of the soul, [and] how she discovers and understands it, across different horizons."
- Samir Abdelli, Contemporary History Researcher at Bordeaux-Montaigne University. 

It was a chance reading of the Sufi Poet Rumi which led Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch (1909-1999), scholar of Christian theology, to learn Persian and begin her life's work of translating and making his writings accessible for the French-speaking world. Her profound understanding of Rumi—which only a translator can truly attain—made it possible for her to bridge the two cultures in which she comfortably lived—modern day France and the 13th century Turkey of Rumi as well as the Islamic world today. The interviews in A Woman's Path to the Heart of Islam take us on a breathtaking journey of faith, introducing us along the way to a wide range of thinkers—such as her extraordinary mentor Louis Massignon, and the rector of Cairo’s Azhar University where she taught, as well as anecdotes involving her numerous personal friendships and professional encounters. Her moving, challenging, noble and often humorous story highlights the beauty that comes from a life of faith lived through the lens of her spiritual master Rumi.
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