Chicago Law Firm Files Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Against the Makers of JUUL E-Cigarettes for Targeting Teens into Addiction

CHICAGO, August 19, 2019 -- A Chicago law firm
filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against the makers of JUUL e-cigarettes. Moll Law Group filed claims on behalf of teen addiction and injuries associated with nicotine ingestion, including a recent warning by the federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of the association between seizures and e-cigarettes.

Health authorities consider youth e-cigarette use an epidemic. Mimicking Big Tobacco’s past marketing practices, JUUL makers prey on youth for financial gain. And now that Philip Morris, seller of Marlboro, the country’s most popular cigarette especially among youth, partnered with JUUL, the country’s lead e-cigarette seller, progress in nicotine cessation stands to erode. JUUL makers use the very fraudulent and deceptive youth marketing business practices adjudged to violate federal racketeering laws, various lawsuits state.

The E-Cigarette Epidemic

According to the CDC, about 4.9 million middle and high school students were current users of a tobacco product in 2018, meaning that they used such products within the past 30 days. This
represents an increase of 1.3 million users just since 2017.

JUUL’s Effects on E-Cigarette Usage Among Minors in Illinois

While traditional cigarette use among Illinois minors has been steadily declining for years, e-cigarette usage between 2016-2018 has increased by 15% among 8th graders, 65% increase in 10th graders, and 45% among 12th graders.