This weeks Schedule:
  • Monday
  • 3:45pm Freshman vs FW at THS, be in the stadium at 3:00pm
  • JV Game Cancelled for today
  • No Spectators at games, Live Stream Link Below
  • Varsity meetings and practice at 3:30
  • Tuesday-Friday
  • Meetings and practice at 3:30-6:45pm
  • Start each day on the fastpitch field
  • Saturday
  • 1pm Varsity @ Mt Rainier (Highline Stadium) Bus from THS @ TBD
  • Since there are no spectators allowed at Mondays games, we will broadcast the games. There is no charge for the broadcasts this spring. To access the games, go to this link: https://justagamelive.com/clients/tahoma-high-school-wa At that site you should see a schedule of the games. Click on the game and you’re in. Thank you to the parents who volunteered to record the games.