2020 will certainly go down in the history books as a once in a lifetime year. A global pandemic, a related severe recession, stark racial violence and inequities, and a highly polarized election have all had their impact on JVS, our clients and our work. We look forward to 2021 with hope and a continued commitment to our mission and work. Like many, we will not be the organization we were, as we commit to taking full advantage of the technology and new ways of working we have adopted by necessity and now see as an opportunity. 

We will be focusing on helping our clients, our state, and our nation through what we hope will be a strong economic recovery. We will expand our long-standing commitment to racial equity and grow our impact in the Black community and other communities of color. And, we look forward to a renewed focus on assisting the many refugees that will again be welcomed to our country and our state as they seek safety, opportunity, and a path to the American dream.

Continue reading for a quick recap of this year. Check out our website for a complete timeline of the year and this infographic for key milestones and accomplishments.