Pay for Success Project Hits Milestone
In 2016, JVS embarked on an ambitious project to move 2,000 immigrants and refugees into new or better jobs. This project, the Pathways to Economic Advancement Pay for Success project , reached a key milestone in September—the full enrollment of all four program tracks. Since 2016, these participants have learned new skills and worked with career coaches to attain new jobs and earn higher wages. This full enrollment is the first step in a successful project, and was not guaranteed. With record-low unemployment, the effective ending of refugee resettlement, and the Federal Administration’s policies targeting immigrants, the barriers to full enrollment were high. This huge accomplishment required energy and commitment of the entire agency, with everyone uniting around a common goal.
MIRA Appoints JVS CEO to Board of Directors
Jerry Rubin was recently named to the Board of Directors for MIRA , the largest coalition in New England promoting the rights and integration of immigrants and refugees. MIRA works to empower immigrant communities and amplify their voices. In addition, the coalition has secured millions of dollars in state funding for programs that support the social, civic and economic integration of immigrants and refugees. MIRA seeks to make Massachusetts a model for how to welcome and integrate people from all around the world. 

Focus on Our Funders:
Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston
This summer, the Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston (JTFGB) selected JVS's Together We Rise program as a final grantee. This grant will support career development for refugees, including skills training and educational programming. JTFGB reviewed dozens of proposals, and selected semi-finalist organizations for site visits. The JTFBG Director shared with us the following:

" The teens who were a part of the JVS site visit took away so much that they were able to bring it back to the rest of their board at our last meeting and present everything in a very passionate way. After speaking with you, they felt an amazing connection to you, your energy at your job and all of the work JVS is doing to contribute to this world.”

Faces of JVS: Daniel DiGiovanni
Over the course of Summer 2019, Daniel DiGiovanni served as a Marketing & Outreach Intern for the English for Advancement program, the largest program track of the Pay for Success project. He was a critical part of our recruitment success, supporting digital outreach campaigns, as well as personally outreaching to over 220 local businesses.

He is originally from a suburb of New York City, and now lives in Medford. He is double-majoring in International Relations and Economics at Tufts University, with an expected graduation in May 2021. His favorite things about JVS are its focus on the intersections of economics and equity, along with its strong social impact throughout Greater Boston.