JWA September 2016 Newsletter 

A Message from our Chairwomen

Dear Friends,

We hope you all have had a restful summer here in Hong Kong or abroad if you were traveling.

The JWA members and supporters had the opportunity to do some very meaningful visits to our Beneficiaries in Israel this past July.  We are always honored to meet with our Beneficiaries, and it is the interaction with the women and children who we actually help through your donations that touch our hearts and make us determined to come back to Hong Kong and continue the fundraising efforts every year. It is truly life changing to visit and see first-hand how the efforts of the JWA and our community in Hong Kong touch the lives of so many. Read more about our visits below in a dedicated article and click on the links to see the photos.

Time has flown by and we find ourselves not just about to welcome in a new Year, but a very significant milestone: The JWA is celebrating its 70th year! Keep your eyes opened for some dedicated events celebrating this historic anniversary.

With this special year upon us we look forward to welcoming you to our Annual General Meeting on September 5th, at the JCC. We hope you can join us at this meeting to learn about our plans for the coming year and learn how you also can be involved in this historic and impactful organization. Please note we also have a spectacular event coming up on September 22nd, "An Evening in our Village". It will be a fantastic evening to meet and network with women from our community, as well as hear from 5 spectacular speakers. Please see below for more info. 
Also save the dates for upcoming events:
Pink Walk: Oct. 10
Pink Bike-a-Thon: Oct. 20
JWA Bazaar: Nov. 6
JWA 70th Annual Gala: March 19, 2017

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Shani Brownstein and Marissa Gomez Raccah

Upcoming Events - TONIGHT

An Evening in our Village - Women's Networking Event

Join us for a fantastic evening of networking, drinks and appetizers. Details

Hear from key women in our community on a variety of topics including:

* From idea to reality: starting your own business in Hong Kong, by Joanna Hotung
* Investing in your future, by Vanesa Taub
* Nurturing your whole self, by Benita Perch
* Top style tips that will change your life, by Eve Roth Lindsay
* Sexuality and you, by Tiffany Sturman

Click here for more details and to register!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to meet friends, make new ones and create life changing contacts.
Dress: Fun Cocktail         Cost: $400 HKD per person
Spotlight on our Beneficiaries

Summer Visits
This past July, JWA members visited some of our Beneficiaries to see our projects in action in Israel. It was extremely impactful to see first hand the individuals we have helped with your donations. The dedicated individuals working in these organizations and the women, children and families helped directly by the JWA remind us every year the reason why we work so hard to raise funds to continue to have an impact on the lives of those who need it. In addition, these visits give us more insight and understanding as to the far reaching effects of our actions and the programs we support with your donations and hard work. We were thrilled to have past Chairwoman Daphna Peyser join us on one of our visits as well as some of our current board members and dedicated constituents.

Our annual visit to Boris Green Daycare Centre is always a treat, seeing the children thriving and growing in such a wonderfully, well-maintained environment. In past years, your donations have enabled the JWA to recently refurbish the playgrounds of this daycare centre. The JWA's most recent donation went to refurbish a bomb shelter for Battered Women in Ashdod, which is still under renovation. We'll post more information and photos once the work has been completed. Thank you Sharon Magnaghi and Rachel Oser for joining us on this visit.
An organization that specializes in e-learning thru an e-campus, this highly specialized program ensures bedridden children from missing out on their education. This July we had the honor of sitting in on a one-on-one lesson with Tom, a teen stricken with cancer, and his teacher Eli. Witnessing the lesson "live" enabled us to see the dynamics of  the technology at work as well as the importance of the human element, which is the relationship between student and teacher. More on this in our upcoming newsletter. 

A ground-breaking project working with young women from difficult and often disadvantaged backgrounds preparing them for their army service. Girls lucky enough to participate in this unique program benefit from support that gives them a second chance at life by teaching them life skills, emotional coping mechanisms and helping them to build their self esteem, The transformation these girls experience is life-changing. We were lucky to meet one of the graduates of the program and hear firsthand how it has changed her life and put her on the right path for future success. 

HAYIM Association 
Visiting the Hayim Association is always an emotional experience, as the organization is located at the Schneider Hospital for Children, and in addition to seeing the wonderful work they do, we also witness the pain of those undergoing treatment and their families. Hayim is dedicated to serving and helping children stricken with cancer and their families cope with the many strains and stresses of caring for an ill child. The project we are supporting is a therapeutic room for teenagers, that helps them deal with trials of this debilitating often fatal illness.

The JWA has been connected with One-In-Nine, an association that provides assistance to women with breast cancer since it was founded in 1994. 92% of women are cured of breast cancer when it is detected early, therefore the JWA's donation supported educational and information workshops/lectures about breast cancer led by breast cancer Survivors, with the goal of increasing early detection and survival rate. We were honoured to meet the dedicated team at One-In-Nine and to hear from one of the leaders of these workshops, who is a Survivor and hear her story of her journey back to health.

For more information on our visits to our Beneficiaries and their life-chaging moments, see our website:  Summer visits
For more information, please visit our website:   www.jwa.org.hk, 
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