Miles Farmers Market, located in Solon, Ohio, offers an array of food and beverages to the local community. 

It began as a farmers market selling fruits and vegetables, but soon expanded to include a deli, butcher shop, bakery, beverages, gourmet groceries, and hot and cold prepared foods. As such, they have to keep their kitchen up to date and working properly. When Miles Farmers Market needed to install new kitchen hoods that had the capability to modulate exhaust airflow based on how many cook tops are running using
advanced technology, they reached out to Jacco.  

Miles Farmers Market needed a semi-custom rooftop manufacturer
with flexible control capability to pair with their new kitchen hoods.
The hood control system modulates the exhaust CFM based on the
amount of cook tops that are active and has the capability to send a
signal to control the supply fan speed in the makeup air units to
maintain building pressure. 
Another requirement was to have one of the units be able to operate when the hoods were not active. This would allow them to maintain temperature
in the space while the food was being prepped as well. To achieve this,
the unit would need the capability to operate with dual modes, single-zone VAV during food prep, and makeup air when the hoods are operating.

Jacco worked with the engineer and hood manufacturer to provide two AAON packaged rooftop units and the complex sequence required to
satisfy all parties involved.
The first unit offers dual-mode operation to accommodate the single-zone sequence during food prep and the makeup air sequence when the hoods were active. With AAON's ability to customize their units, we were able to provide a factory controls sequence that made it possible for the supply fan speed to be controlled by the unit controller or the kitchen hood controls, based on which mode it was in. 
The second unit was provided with makeup air controls only. Similar to the first unit, the supply fan speed would be controlled by the kitchen hoods.
Both units are able to maintain building pressure by modulating with the kitchen hoods.
Thanks to Jacco and AAON's flexibility, Jacco was able to provide a package solution for Miles Farmers Market.

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