The Right Solution to Meet the New Cleveland
Community Mikvah's HVAC Needs

Cleveland had its first community mikvah open in 1924, but as the community continues to grow, so does the need for a new community mikvah. Recently, a new, state-of-the-art new mikvah was built. It was designed to meet the current and projected future needs of the local
Jewish community. Those needs include specific HVAC solutions that
Jacco was able to meet. 
mikvah, in the Jewish religion, is an immersion pool used by men
and women for spiritual cleansing and purity. The new Cleveland Community Mikvah needed a unit that could provide outside air and dehumidify the space. Pool areas require high outside air and dehumidification capabilities to be effective. With the building layout,
there was only a small mechanical space to put the units, with nothing
able to be roof-mounted.
Jacco worked with Karpinski Engineering to design two AAON 100% Outdoor Air Pool Split Systems with Energy Recovery to serve the pool area. The systems designed for pool usage included: 
  • Interior and exterior corrosion protection 
  • Coated coils to protect against corrosion 
  • Sensible energy recovery wheels to increase efficiency
The use of the energy recovery wheel allowed the transfer of energy
without transferring moisture, allowing them to scale back the size of the compressors and gas burners.  
The AAON units were shipped without any controls, which gave the
owner the ability to fully control the unit with their field-provided preferred controller.  
There were tight space requirements for the unit, but AAON was able to provide custom opening locations/sizes to accommodate the building and ductwork layout. Additionally, to ease installation, the units were shipped
in modules so they unit could fit through a typical door opening.    
Through thorough planning and engineering, Jacco and Karpinski were able to meet all of the specified needs of the Cleveland Community Mikvah. 

That AAON RN/RQ products are now shipping
with Microchannel Reheat Coils?

This results in additional corrosion resistance with
all-aluminum construction, more efficient heat transfer and less refrigerant for all of your dehumidification applications.
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