Custom DX Cooling/Heating Solution for Crown Equipment Corp.
How Jacco partnered with Seasons 4 to create the perfect solution for Crown's 50,000 CFM Paint Room

Crown Equipment Corp. has been a leader in the material handling industry since 1960. It has a reputation as being an innovator in world-class forklift and material handling equipment, designing and manufacturing up to 85 percent of its lift truck components, including key parts like motors, drive units, and electronic modules. The company also paints its extra-large vehicles and needs the right space and cooling and heating system to do that, which led them to Jacco.

The Problem: 
Crown Equipment Corp. added more floor space to its large paint room in their plant, located in New Bremen, Ohio, and needed a large HVAC unit that could meet the strict requirements that are associated with paint rooms. For instance, the unit has to be constructed without using silicone. Due to the size and load in the space, the HVAC unit needed to handle 50,000 CFM with 246 tons of cooling and be able to meet the very tight temperatur e and humidity controls for the paint process to operate effectively.

The Solution:
Jacco partnered with Seasons 4,
a provider of custom HVAC systems, to deliver Crown Equipment exactly what they
were looking for.  Jacco provided a rooftop unit, with the condenser section separated to make the weight more manageable. The unit was made from all aluminum panels with silicon-free construction. It contains 246
tons of cooling with modulating compressors and 4,800MBH of modulating gas heat for temperature control. The humidity is controlled by modulating hot gas reheat and a humidifier grid. These features combined allow the unit to maintain the requirements for the space. 
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You Know Toxalert is Great for Parking Garages, But Did
You Know That It Has Sensors That Can Tie Into Your
Energy System?

Toxalert has a variety of sensors that are designed for integration with the Tox-4ANA and ToxControl controllers to provide you with a complete gas monitoring system or they can be interfaced directly with other DDC or energy management systems.  
Sensors include:
  • Air 3000 Series for monitoring indoor air quality.
  • Tox-Comb/ANA for combustible gases (i.e. methane, propane,
    natural gas, etc.) utilizing catalytical bead technology. 
  • Tox-ETO/ANA for ethylene oxide utilizing electro chemical technology. 
  • Tox-HCI/ANA for hydrogen chloride utilizing electro
    chemical technology. 
  • Tox-HCN/ANA for hydrogen cyanide sensor utilizing electro
    chemical technology. 
  • Tox-NO2/ANA for nitrogen dioxide utilizing electro chemical technology.
  • Tox-O2/1 & Tox-O2/4 for oxygen utilizing electro chemical
    battery cell technology. 
  • Tox-Refrig/ANA for refrigerant utilizing solid state metal
    semiconductor technology. 
  • Tox-45-xx Series Sensors for industrial electro chemical sensors for H2S (hydrogen sulfide), Cl2 (Chlorine), CIO2 (Chlorine dioxide), SO2 (Sulfur dioxide), NH3 (Ammonia) and HF (Hydrogen Fluoride).
  • Tox-Tox540-28-IT for infrared combustible gases.
  • Tox-4100 Series for hydrocarbon utilizing metal semiconductor technology. 

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