Jacco Helps Seniors Live Comfortably
at Danbury Assisted Living!

The newly designed Danbury Senior Living, located in North Ridgeville, Ohio, features independent, assisted living and state-of-the-art memory care options.
It has a resort feel with first-class amenities, and exceptional care and services. They needed that same exceptional service to fulfill its HVAC needs, which
Jacco was able to deliver.

Danbury's HVAC Need s
To provide the best environment for its residents, Danbury needed
accurate heating and cooling for its entire facility
, including:
  • An individual control for each room
  • High-heat capacity at low-ambient conditions

Jacco's Solution
Jacco was able to meet all of Danbury's requirements by providing:
  • 130 tons of Samsung MAX Heat VRF for comfort heating and cooling with 100% heat capacity down to -13° ambient
  • 112 tons of AAON RTUs for heating/cooling all common areas and outside air for the building
Samsung Can Help with Tenant Billing!
Samsung can provide energy use reports for individual units on a VRF systems. This information can be taken directly from the Samsung SNet or DVM program.

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