Jacco is Proud to be Your Representative For TSI!
TSI has become recognizably known as the industry leader in lab fume hood
and room pressurization controls. Founded in 1961, they have built their reputation on not only developing the most efficient tools,
but also setting
the measurement trends for future development. 
Are you currently aware of what the industry's most up-to-date lab controls are?
With TSI's innovative solutions, your lab design will consist of the following four primary components for control:
1. FHC 50 Fume Hood Controller with Sidewall Sensing
2. LRC Lab Room Controller
3. TTW Room Pressure Sensor
4. LF Thermal Flow Station
A couple of items to note....
Sidewall Sensing insures actual measurement of face velocity to make sure the proper airflow is obtained regardless of any obstructions in front of the sash!
TSI's new LRC Lab Room Controller provides:
- Adaptive Offset, Offset or Offset with Pressure Monitoring Control Strategies
- Expandable Up to 32 Inputs and 10 Outputs
- Graphical User Interface for Programming, Balancing & Diagnostics
- Discharge Air Temperature Monitoring
- Individual Supply & Exhaust Control of Multiple Zones
- BACnet IP & MSTP
To learn more about TSI Lab Controls,
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Thermal dispersion has no drift or calibration requirements that are associated with pressure sensors and transducers.This provides the most accurate, dependable and efficient way to maintain room pressure and ensure the safety of its occupants, while saving operational costs! 

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