How Jacco Worked with AAON to Provide the HVAC Solution for Steris's New N.C. Facility

Steris is a leading provider of infection prevention and other procedural products and services. Working in the medical industry, Steris has strict environmental, safety and compliance standards that it must meet. Therefore, when looking for an HVAC system for its new North Carolina facility, it needed a solution that could meet all of the high demands of the industry as well as the complexities associated with the high humidity and high temperatures of North Carolina.

The Problem:

Steris needed to have:
  • An efficient rooftop system 
  • A system that could handle high amounts of outside air and humidity while meeting their tight space conditions
  • Energy Recovery utilizing the separated exhaust air stream. 
  • Fans that can handle high external static pressure
Jacco's Solution:

Jacco installed three AAON rooftop units, totaling 121 tons of HVAC. Each of the three units is equipped with modulating compressors, high-turndown gas heat, modulating hot gas reheat and VFD condenser fans to handle the temperature and humidity loads common in North Carolina.  The units also include direct-drive backward curved fans equipped with VFDs to handle external static pressure, which Steris required as well. 
AAON allowed for extra space in the units to place a run around coil meet Steris's requirement for energy recovery. With the paired energy recovery run-around coil placed in an exhaust air stream external to the unit. This results in sensible energy recovery in each unit year-round.
Jacco and AAON were able to devise a tailored solution that met all of Steris's HVAC needs. The system meets all of the company's required compliance, environmental and medical industry standards, so they can operate efficiently and effectively without worry!  

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