Jacco Delivers the HVAC Solution that
717 Credit Union was Looking For.

717 Credit Union, headquartered located in Warren, Ohio, had outgrown their headquarters and was in the need of a new facility. 717 Credit Union decided to construct a new office along with satellite branches.
The Problem:
  • Two Buildings, each needing a VAV System for comfort control
  • Required split Air Handling Unit and Condenser for space and
    weight requirements
  • Wanted simple controls system for each building with
    single-point access
Jacco's Solution:
  • AAON Split Systems with V3 Air Handlers and CF Condensing Units for each building
  • Compact size of the V3 air handling units were able to fit in a small mechanical room
  • Digital Scroll compressors provided for cooling capacity control.
  • The AAON Split Systems and VAV boxes with Electric Heat were tied into AAON's free Prism controls software, allowing for control of both buildings from any location.
AAON Has the Air Handling Units to Fit
Your Application - No Matter the Weight, Space
or Power Needed.

AAON can pair multiple air handling units with a single condensing unit or a single air handler with multiple condensing units. The flexibility in combinations can save on weight, space, power requirements and more to fit every application.

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