Pleasantview Turned to Jacco for its HVAC Needs

Pleasantview Care Center offers short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing and a 24/7 nursing home that specializes in rehabilitating and caring for their residents. With a location convenient to all major highways in Parma, Ohio, the facility aims to provide exceptional person-centered care in a nurturing, home-like living environment that offers a sense of community. 

Pleasantview suffered damage to its first floor rooms after experiencing a flood. As a result, the facility needed a significant renovation, which included its HVAC system and amenities offered. 
After the flood, Pleasantview needed to have:
  • An energy-efficient system
  • Compact footprint
  • Individualized controls for each room
  • User-friendly technology 

Jacco worked with the mechanical contractor and owner to lay out five
18-ton Samsung Simultaneous Heating/Cooling Heat Recovery VRF Systems, giving the ability to individually control each room. The spaces consisted of a four-way ceiling cassette to evenly distribute the air.
Samsung's Compact Mode Change Unit footprint allowed for easy installation in the already crowded ceiling space, making for a quick installation of the new system.  
Once the system was installed, Jacco performed the start-up procedure, which comprised a pressure test followed by a triple evacuation of the system to make sure the system was properly installed.


Samsung offers a standard 10-year compressor,
10-year parts and 1-year labor warranty!

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