Welcome to our July Framer's Corner!!
Each month, we like to take a moment to share some of our favorite projects with our readers, giving you an inside look at the process of framing, meeting our designers, and the fun pieces of art that come through our shop. 

This month we bring you a design by Jace.
Jace has been part of the Frame of Mind Family for about 8 months and we are so grateful that he is here. His experience, design skills, outlook on life and positive attitude bring all of us joy!
Read below about a recent piece that came through our doors and the beautiful design Jace came up with to really make this piece stand out!

“If you as a human being transform yourself, you affect the consciousness of the rest of the world.”


When Jace designs work that comes through our doors at Frame of Mind, he approaches it as if it were the first time. He explores the story that the owner tells about the piece. He allows the work to speak to him in the moment giving it 
an opportunity to ask for what is truly needed. So when our customer Sarah Suta brought in a very unique and colorful piece, Jace was open to all possibilities for this design. 
To celebrate the return to an office after a long hiatus, our customer Sarah Suta was ready to add some pizzazz to her office space. Sarah is the host of an educational youtube channel with her co-host Hank Green, where they explore 
the many answers to questions by introducing a strange new animal in their series Bizarre Beast. They explore what makes strange animals so strange, and the fascinating weirdness of the creatures of our planet. So what is more fitting to fill an office for a job exploring bizarre animals, than to fill her office with art of fantastical animals! 
Sarah brought us a piece titled "Hare with Gems" by artist Holly Cappello. At first, the piece looks like a colorful rabbit, but upon further inspection, you can find geometric shapes in the creature’s fur, subtle wings of a bat on it’s back, and 
multiple eyes all over its body.
The artist, Holly Cappello, is a painter and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, who is known for inventing her own mythos with images of fantastical animals and devilish creatures. 

To start this design, Jace had a dramatic contrast in mind. Using a triple mat design, with lots of textures and colors, Jace was able to extenuate multiple elements of the design.
For a top mat, Jace went with a spacious amount of our “Brushed Onyx” mat, helping to create a neutral boarder to help the other mats pop and allow them to pull out specific elements of the piece.
The second mat is a textured speckled mat called “Baroque Black”. This dark mat is accented with luscious gold texturing to accentuate the subtleties in the guache and watercolor brushstrokes.
Jace wanted to make sure to bring out the teardrop shapes on the figures body, so he chose a bright teal matboard from Crescent matboards called “Tealy Dan”. The small amount of the very bright color makes it pop out of the design next to its darker companion mats.
Jace wanted to make sure this piece was protected from light, because even in an indoor office, a piece can fade very quickly, and to lose the colors on a piece like this would be devastating. Even the florescent lights of an office can do a world of damage to artwork if it is not properly protected with a UV Conservation Glass. Jace went with our highest quality glass for this piece, our Museum Glass from Tru Vue. This glass is dipped in a special glazing to reduce glare from light, and also contains glazing that is 99.9% protective from UV rays.
To ensure the piece was framed to the highest of standards, Jace chose to use our mulberry paper mounting technique on acid free backing board. This ensures that the piece will not burn from acids in the framing materials over time, and can easily be reversed if the piece ever needs a framing upgrade.

Finally, to finish off the design for this unique print Jace chose an "Acid Wash Cappuccino" moulding that features a copper/gold trim. By using this frame, Jace was able to accentuate not only colors in the piece, but textures as well. Having the small amount of gold trim brought the whole piece together by giving the piece a sense of elegance.

We think Jace did a great job using a variety of textures and materials to really add to the beauty and the playfulness of this piece.
“Forget all you know about yourself; forget all you have ever thought about yourself; start as if you know nothing.”

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Missoula, MT 59801