Welcome to our Framer's Corner!!
This is where we like to take a moment every month to share some of our favorite projects with you.
You get to meet the designer and learn the process and steps it takes to frame some of these one of a kind things that come through our shop.

Welcome to our “almost spring” framer’s corner! Even though it isn’t official, we can definitely say that spring is in the air! This month, we welcome back Jace Anderson to tell us about one of his favorite pieces he has framed since joining us!

 Jace Anderson is an American author, spiritualist, designer, and artist. He is the founder of thecrystalboneway.com where he teaches methods of living mindfully and provides tools for waking up to who we truly are.
He now finds himself welcomed into the Frame of Mind team where our growing family puts our passions together to create beautiful memories and keepsakes for the creative community of Missoula.
When someone designs with Jace, he likes to take a moment to get to know his client and what they love about their artwork. When our customer Robert came in with his limited-edition piece, “Next Level Here I Come” by artist Fabio Napoleoni, he explained his desire to this piece was from a trip that he took to Disney, where he came across this artist and his work that brought back feelings of nostalgia from his childhood.
Fabio Napoleoni, a Puerto Rican artist, whose art is inspired by personal events, traumas, and the growth that comes with such challenges. He uses the energy captivated by the difficulties in life's lessons to channel his emotions into creating, in this world, what seems to be missing: beauty, love and connection.
 “Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise.”
- Ram Dass
As Jace prepared to design this whimsical piece, the deckled edge and the rustic elements of the composition stood out to him as dominate features. He also noticed the nature of childhood presented in juxtaposition and the nostalgia expressed in the piece.
The image contains the playful element of toys as they personify an attempt to becoming something bigger, to fly, to explore alternative landscapes.
As Jace explains, “It touches on the place in us which is innocent, and it contrasts with the limits that the world attempts to place upon us.”

Jace and his client decided the best way to mount the piece would be to float mount,
so that every element of the piece could be shown. By float mounting the piece, the piece is mounted with only acid free and archival materials.
Raising the piece above the bottom mat also creates a nice shadow between the edges of the piece, and the top mats that accompanied the piece, creating a depth of field around the piece. The deckled edges stand out perfectly on the Ecru back mat. Jace decided that adding a patterned Rococo Cream and a sliver of Black Spruce board would help to emphasize this piece's color scheme as well as the texture in the piece.
 The final step was deciding the perfect frame for this design.
Jace chose the Dark Green frame from Designer’s Carnival line. This playful frame’s green tone matched the colors of the piece marvelously. The small amount of texture helped to play off of the piece without being overwhelming, creating a nice balance to the entire design.

The Frame of Mind team is very happy with the outcome of this design and Jace is ecstatic to be a part of the journey.
When you climb a beautiful mountain, invite your child within to climb with you.
When you contemplate the sunset, invite her to enjoy it with you.
Go back and take care of yourself.
Your body needs you, your perceptions need you, your feelings need you.
The wounded child in you needs you.
Your suffering needs you to acknowledge it.”
- Thich Nhat Hanh
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