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Celebrating a Bicentennial!
Some NEWS and some news….

Well of course the BIG news is that our fair city is having a BIG birthday: 200!
For those who are local or visit frequently, here are some links to what’s happening for Jacksonville’s big bicentennial!

As you have probably been reading, insurance is a percolating topic in Florida. As the special session is about to conclude at publishing time, we’ve included a few articles about what to possibly expect…

One thing we do recommend if you have not already done so is to check with your insurer/agent and make sure you have appropriate coverage not only going into hurricane season but in accordance with how your property value may have increased. We have increased our own investment properties by 10%. If you’d like to learn more about Mike’s decision, we’ve got a video for that!

Lastly some sad news; after 11 years or so, Kalen has left FPM for an opportunity better suited to her and her family’s current needs. We wish her well and are grateful for the many contributions she has made to the company.
Melanie, who preceded her in maintenance for 8 years, will be holding down the fort as we make some internal adjustments and implementations.

Everyone stands ready to assist should you need any assistance or support…you can use the same email addresses you are accustomed to!

Happy Birthday Jacksonville!

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