September 1, 2020
63 Days to November Election Day

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Democrat Jacob Minter in State Senate District 30 Special Election Against Five Republicans

for Texas Senate District 30

Jacob Minter, Collin County electrician and IBEW Local 20 Recording Secretary, has entered the race for the Senate District 30 seat vacated by Pat Fallon. The lone Democrat, Minter, 36, faces five Republicans - infamous salon owner Shelly Luther, House District 68 Representative Drew Springer, Denton Mayor Chris Watts, Craig Carter, and Andy Hopper.

National Democrats to Invest in Collin County Congressional Race

for US Congress TX District 3

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the political arm of House Democrats, is poised to commit resources to seize three more Republican-held seats in November. The revised target list includes the District 3 seat in Collin County held by Republican Van Taylor.

Cook Political Report Upgraded District 3 from Likely R to Lean R

"TX-03: Van Taylor (R) - Dallas north suburbs: Plano

Lean Republican. This white-collar Plano seat is a suburban melting pot and a ticking time bomb for the GOP. In 2012, Mitt Romney carried it by 30 points, but in 2016, Trump carried it by 14 and in 2018, Sen. Ted Cruz carried it by just four. Taylor didn't face a credible 2018 opponent and won by ten, but today he represents by far the highest share of college graduates of any House Republican.

Last week, Democrat Lulu Seikaly's campaign released a Global Strategies Group poll showing Taylor up just 43 percent to 37 percent and Biden leading Trump 48 percent to 46 percent. Seikaly, a 34 year old daughter of Lebanese immigrants, is an extroverted SMU graduate and employment attorney who identifies as a centrist. And privately, Republicans admit Biden could be ahead here.

Ultimately, Taylor's biggest insurance policy will be his unlimited checkbook. Taylor, whose family owned a stake in the original Esso corporation, is a Marine veteran of Iraq and has an estimated net worth of $34 million. Seikaly had just $39,000 on hand after winning her July runoff, but may get a boost from Democrats spending heavily on Collin County seats in a bid to win back the state house."

- Cook Political Report, 8/14/2020

Collin County Candidates Ready to Flip Texas House

for Texas House of Representative [5 districts]

While delivering Texas for Biden is an exciting possibility, we have an even better chance at flipping Texas further down the ballot – in the Texas House of Representatives. The Texas House is only nine seats away from Democratic control, and flipping it blue will change the political landscape of Texas for years to come.

Democrats Fill Full Slate for Collin County District Judge Seats

for Collin County District Court Judge [7 seats]

The "Magnificent Seven" are the seven Democratic candidates for District Judge in Collin County. These candidates are experienced attorneys committed to service and fairness. Seeking to bring balance to Collin County where Republicans sit on every judicial bench, the Seven will bring the perspectives, legal experience, and diversity that Collin County deserves. Be sure to vote all the way down the ballot and for the all of the Magnificent Seven.
Plano Student Makes Political History

When Plano East High School high school senior Pratyush Mallick (@pmallick_, @mallickprat) ran for a delegate position for the August 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC), he knew he would be one of the youngest delegates. What he didn’t know is that he’d be making history.
Students Contribute to Democratic Movements

Josh Cobler (@joshuacobler) felt that the powerful influence of corporate money in politics was corrupting elections and policymaking, leading him to volunteer for Lorenzo Sanchez’s campaign for the Texas House of Representatives.
'I Have Never Seen the Community this Fearful'

Natalie Chou (@NatalieChou1), a UCLA basketball player and former Plano West star, blames political leadership for the increased racism [and] has spoken out against anti-Asian racism after an acquaintance called the coronavirus “the Chinese virus.”
More information about our Collin County and Statewide Candidates is available on our Collin County Democratic Party website.
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