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Jacqueline Woodson is Coming to Denver
Reading = Hope X Change (What's Your Equation?)

Award-winning and bestselling author Jacqueline Woodson is coming to Denver in her role as the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature.

Last year, The Bookies applied, on behalf of the various schools we work with, to bring her to Denver and were chosen as one of the lucky cities to get a visit!

We're so pleased by this news, and by the news that she'll also be hosting a community event for families on the night of Thursday, May 2nd! We'll soon be announcing the location and exact time, so keep your eyes on our FACEBOOK EVENT (click here) and our EVENTS PAGE (click here) to find all the details!

We Might Have (but for sure need) Your Glasses!
We're gathering eyeglasses for The Lions Club

Did you know that the number one item our customers leave behind in our lost-and-found are eyeglasses? Well, it's true! After days, weeks, months, years, decades, and centuries of trying to return them to their rightful owners, we have decided the only thing to do is donate them! So we're doing a glasses round-up. From now until April 6th, with our friends at the Denver Five Points Lions Club, we'll be collecting usable eyeglasses at our front counter! Then on Saturday April 6th, we'll be having a fun event of reading, including a visit from the author/creator of HAZEL NEEDS GLASSES, collecting glasses, giving out prizes, and saying goodbye to the massive collection we hope to have ready to donate to our friends. Help a child read and learn with The Lions Club and The Bookies!


Fresh Ink
We've got new books, including two recommendations by Bookie Larry Yoder!

Taylor Jenkins Reid
Review by Bookie Larry: This is a Rock Band story in the all familiar Rock Band pattern. We have dominant personalities, success, and near great success until an addition to the band throws the mix off, and jealousies and personality factors break up the band. Then there's the all in for Music as Art which must be chased no matter what may come. The first half of the book was a fun and predictable read--well, the whole book is predictable--but the last quarter of the book separates this book from the subgenre as it explores relationships and facts of love far beyond a quick beach read or other Rock Band books. The writing was fun and the story drew me in. Is it worth the hardcover price? I'm not sure, but if you like stories using bands as the platform, then spend the money and do not wait a year or so for the paperback. 

Just in time for spring break, THE NEWEST STORY TREEHOUSE BOOK! Longer, crazier, and wilder than ever! Pick up the latest volume in hardback, OR pick up the new paperback edition of The 78-Story Treehouse, OR any of the fun companion books that we have in stock!   
  How do you budge a curmudgeon? Well, read this new picture book and find out! We'll give you a hint: it isn't easy.  

As St. Patrick's Day comes to a close, many are once again interested in the vibrant history of Ireland and The Troubles, one very important aspect of that history. This gripping work focuses on a specific murder within the time period and expands to explore the tragic and horrific atmosphere of the era. Bookies' staff have found this one impossible to put down.   
Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster 
This actually came out in 2018 but we're featuring it now because it's simply that good. The 2019 Sydney Taylor winner for Older Readers (an award giving for authenticity in portrayal of the Jewish experience) is a story of a chimney sweep who nearly dies and is saved by a 'monster'. But as Bookie Jeanie put it, "It's not just about her and this monster, but about what life was like for these chimney sweeps and how badly and just horribly they were treated and it's just wonderful. I loved it."  
Review from Bookie Larry: "Madame Fourcade's Secret War is the true retelling of the life of Marie-Madeline Fourcade, who organized and led the largest information-gathering spy ring of the French Resistance. In a time when she had to hide the fact that she was a woman from MI6, her English connection for a long time,
and when she had to prove herself to the men she led, Madame Fourcade came to inspire loyalty while providing extreme skill in running a spy ring and was considered essential to the Allied War effort. While known for many years after the war in France and England, she has slipped from history until now.  
To be sure, this is a book about a remarkable warrior, but it is also a very good look at France between 1940 and 1945. I recommend this book for so many reasons, but it all boils down to history made alive and history that may be of help today."
The Game Board
Our game expert has the new hit!  
If you love our games and puzzles, then you love our Bookie Karla, our expert at all things games! And Bookie Karla, well... She loves this new game STINK BUG!   
"It's a fun, colorful, springtime game for kids 4 & up. Collect matching pairs of leaves from the pile and find the 'good' bugs. However, watch out for the Stink Bug - If he shows up, all your unmatched cards go back into the leaf pile! Yucky!"  
The Bookies Welcomes Back Author
Graeme Davis

This month, we're bringing back horror author Graeme Davis as he presents his newest world in MORE DEADLY THAN THE MALE. Bookies' fans will remember Davis from his visit to the store when he read his hit COLONIAL HORRORS to us. This year, we're partnering with the Colorado Festival of Horror as we celebrate spooky things and focus on female authors of horror, some of which are featured in a collection of best works in Davis's latest book.  
Join us on Saturday, March 30th at 4:00pm to get your signed copies!  
Educator Corner

The Denver Art Museum is having two, count them, TWO free days for teachers during March! On both March 22nd and March 29th, they are letting in any teacher with a valid ID! Click here for more information and enjoy yourself some art!
Make sure and keep up with the latest events at our store via our website!