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  Jade Lady News - May 2016
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The April Spring Fling & Health Fair at the Egan Center was a nice success. We had so much interest in Meditation that we actually ran out of schedules! Our TaiChi and Qigong demos were well-received, and we ended the event with a  stunning Traditional Odissi Temple Dance performance by Shauna Taylor.
Visit our booth at Petals & Spokes on May 14th at Anchorage Town Square,  6th & E. We'll offer mini classes 3:30-4:30 pm in Qigong, TaiChi and Dance.

Good news ... Jade Dragon Sanctuary will sponsor our gardens. Volunteers are in the process of creating edible gardens on both sides of the Studio entrance. We will have herbs, greens, a variety of veggies and a load of raspberries. Stop by and watch our garden grow!

We provided a lovely lunch for Master Wu and his XinYi workshop students on April 30. We look forward to his Spring visit next year. LaoShih Holly attended both workshops and is now at his week-long retreat in Washington State. We look forward to her return and a new round of informative workshops. 

Can't make early morning classes? Our newest class, TaiChi Basics, meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6-6:45pm. This class is designed for first-time beginners. However, if you already study TaiChi, come to fine-tune your posture, deepen internal emptiness and feed your form with control and intent. 

DANCERS! We have renowned Egyptian Belly Dancer, Nourhan Sharif, offering workshops in late June. Contact Shawn at Dark Parrot Productions for details.
Focus on Practitioner
A Full Circle Day with DaoShima
I  have the pleasure of beginning and ending my day at my Tea Table. This uncomplicated process opens my day with fresh energy to animate my earthly being, then settles daily activities to clear my mind before entering the realms of slumber and sleep.

How is it I came to be an avid meditator? I was certainly the least likely candidate. After college  I was intent on climbing the corporate ladder and becoming a big shot. You know, the one that causes people to trip over each other just to say 'hello'. But the more I was passed over for promotions, the more resentful I became, until one day I just quit. I had started a TaiChi class a couple months prior and found I really liked hanging out with these people. 

For twelve years I followed my teacher and a couple other students around, living off a 401K and temp jobs. It was during that time I came to realize... I was my worst enemy. It took years of studying and teaching TaiChi to realize life wasn't all about me. Well, it was and it wasn't at the same time. It was about me in that it kept me strong and healthy, and not about me in that "it's the mission of service that keeps a community whole and healthy".

Twenty years hence, I see Meditation as self-honor. Years of meditative practice has made me acutely aware of the  empty spaces between thoughts. It is in this 'space' that my internal energy (Qi) expands to fill my entire being. In these energized moments I am not only separated from the busy-ness of life, but I'm fed with new vitality and a fresh approach on how to best serve my community. 


Seated Mediation  
  Sun 9-9:45 am (by donation)
  Fri   6-6:45 am
Standing Meditation
  Mon/Wed 6-6:45 am
TaiChi Basics
  Tue/Thr 6-6:45 pm

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Plum Blossom Boutique

Plum Blossom will host tea-tasting classes throughout the summer to  increase your knowledge of loose-leaf tea preparation. These classes will also help you select teas for meditation and intimate time-sharing with special friends. Dates and times will be set later this month.

Our cute teacups have little fishes and lotus blossoms at the bottom... very novel for entertaining. 

We also have organic incense, incense holders, teapots, teapot warmers, handcrafted beeswax candles and solid wood tea tables. 

Come in and browse. 

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Full Moon Meditation
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