Jajja's Kids

Addressing the Needs of 

Ugandan Street Children

We're Giving Thanks 
For a REALLY Great Year!

Dear Friends,

        Thanks to you, our ongoing supporters, we have had the best year ever!
So many great things have happened that it is hard to know where to begin... 
Most recently:  
  • We Have a WEBSITE!  Thanks to the technical mastery of team members M-J Adelman and Jake Reiner, Jajja's Kids is on the web at JajjasKids.org -- click here to visit us!  And please share the website with others who may be interested in the work we do.

  • "Jajja's Kids, Inc." is now a 501(c)(3) organization, official with both the state and federal governments.  And now in Uganda is "Jajja's Kids Africa", established by Ronnie for government approval and to receive international donations. The boys' home is also recognized by the Ugandan government as a certified Children's Home. (And thanks again to Operation Unite and its director Elena Mosley for their two years sponsoring us until we reached these milestones!)
  • November's "Harvest for Children" fundraiser was a great success! Over 60 people enjoyed great food, saw photos of our boys and surrounding communities, learned African dance moves, Skyped with Ronnie in Uganda (at 4:30 a.m. his time!), and bid generously on unique auction items. Between people attending the event and those donating separately, we have raised enough to pay the rent for the home next year, plus tuition to begin the school year starting in February.  
Some photos from
Harvest for Children:

On the 
Dance Floor...

Ronnie Thanking the Group for Their Support...

The youngest boys have graduated from "Baby Class"!  

For their graduation, Riane and Kyondo wore the traditional male garment called Kanzu.  
They now move from Upper Level Baby Class (equivalent to kindergarten) 
to Primary 1 (1st Grade).

Riane and Kyondo were joined in the celebrations by Shawn and Julian, 
who graduated from Baby Class (nursery school) to Upper Level Baby Class.

If you attended last year's Skype party, you may recall meeting Julian, the boy who had no language in common with the other boys when Ronnie found him on the street.  Julian (on right) used to look confused and concerned, but he is now a fully functioning member of the household--and a nursery school graduate!

The long day of ceremonies included performances by all the graduating children. 

Julian and Shawn in full regalia!
One of our very generous supporters gave money for 
much-needed new shoes for each boy.  And were they happy!

Many other donations made this year were also targeted for specific purposes. 
These included:
  • refrigerator
  • laptop computer
  • two tables with four padded benches
  • bookcases and books 
  • mosquito nets
  • paint 
Each addition to the home helped improve either the diet, educational opportunities or environment for the boys.
To all of you generous souls, we say THANK YOU!!!

Next Up...Going to Uganda! 
Have you always wanted to go to Africa?  
Are you ready for a life-altering experience?  
Please JOIN US for Uganda 2015!

We plan to spend approximately two weeks in March visiting and working with Ronnie and the children in Kampala.  We will visit schools and cultural centers, perhaps journey to the "Source of the Nile" and Murchison Falls, go on an optional safari, and take the boys on a field trip.  Bring your sense of adventure and your creativity for an experience you will never forget!  Contact Diane at dhreiner11@gmail.com for more information.  Please do it soon so we can include you in the planning!

If you prefer to be part of the adventure from the comfort of home, you can support us by collecting gently used clothes, shoes and paper-back books for boys ages 5 to 14.  For each traveler we can bring up to 50 pounds of much needed supplies.  If you are part of a large office or family, church, school or other community organization, you can coordinate a collection for us.  And you know the holidays are the best time to think of others!     


We need to do this again!  Please Help!

A final note of thanks... to all who have donated to Jajja's Kids this past year.  Please know that your interest and support sustain us, and it is you who have made all this possible!

If you have not yet given and would like to donate before the end of the year, it is not too late. We still need your help!  While we have the money to begin 2015, we must continue raising the necessary funds to keep the boys healthy and in school.

Your Tax Deductible Contributions can be made to
Jajja's Kids, Inc.  
and mailed to:
Jajja's Kids ~ P.O. Box 1425 ~ Latham, NY ~ 12110

With Gratitude,
    Diane Reiner &
Ronnie Sseruyange
For more info, contact Diane at:
(518) 588-0651

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