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Kidz of Karacter
Tina the Teamwork Turtle
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February 28, 2020       

Help us support a Jam Hops family in need!

Note to parents - Please supervise your children right up until the start of their class and pick them up promptly when class is over. A Customer Care Representative can let you know where your child should wait for class.  Parents must supervise siblings in the waiting area and lobby for their safety. Children of all ages must wait inside the building  until their ride arrives.  Thank you!


Spring Dance Class es for  ages 3-11! 

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March Camptastic & Activities!!
March 1st and 22nd at Blaine/Ham Lake
March 14th at Anoka/Ramsey
March 3, 13, 16-20 at Blaine/Ham Lake 
March 21st at Blaine/Ham Lake
March 28th at Anoka/Ramsey
We are hiring a Cheer Director, Ninja Zone Director, Preschool Gymnastics Coordinator, Ninja Zone coaches and Gymnastics coaches!
Birthday Parties at Jam Hops!
Click here to read about planning your birthday party at either of our Jam Hops locations!
Is Gymnastics for Boys?

Yes, gymnastics is for boys! Click the picture to read why....

The theme for our 2019-2020  dance recital will be  "Greetings from Hollywood". 
March Stars of the Month!

Gymnast of the Month: Gabe J.
Ninja of the Month: Weslee N.
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