James Newcomb asked me to introduce myself because I've joined the Trumpet Dynamics team.

I'm Mandy Marksteiner. I'm a trumpet player based out of Los Alamos, NM. I got my BA in trumpet and English from Lawrence University and now play in a community orchestra, a brass quintet and a jazz combo. I also have a marketing business.

So what will I be doing with Trumpet Dynamics?

Mainly keeping you in the loop. You've signed up to get updates and information on the podcast. James is interviewing amazing players week after week and creating products that can help you play better and build up your musical career.

I'll be here to make sure that you don't miss a thing.

So... I might as well get started by letting you about the latest podcast episodes.

Tony Plog is a trumpeter turned composer. Among his most popular pieces are Scherzo for trumpet and piano, as well as  Three Miniatures for tuba and piano.  Click here to listen to the interview .
Thanks for listening to Trumpet Dynamics!


Mandy Marksteiner