James's wife begged me not to "dump" James.

I thought it was downright generous of her!
But seriously, in life, as well as in business and in music you will meet people who like you and people who don't.

People who enjoy your sense of humor and people who think you're a jerk.
People who trust you and people who are suspicious of you.
You can't waste your time and energy catering to people who complain about you and who don't like you.

When I put a poll out there, to see if I should leave, a lot of people reached out to say how much they like what we're doing and how much they appreciate our efforts.

I want to focus my energy on people that like me and appreciate me for who I am. That includes the people who have stayed with us and who are excited to market themselves as trumpet players, and it includes James (a guy who appreciates and values the fact that I like to sit around and dream up subject lines that are so obnoxious that people can't not read them).

So I'm staying.

And I want you to think about the people who follow you the same way. Put your energy into pleasing the people who LIKE you... not trying to get the people who don't like you to change their mind (because they won't).

You need to focus on people who like what you do.

And having an email list makes that a lot easier to do.

I made a free guide that shows you how to make a landing page to collect emails.   Get it here .

Once you have a list it will make your life a lot easier because you will be able to reach all of your supporters at once.

You can't put a price on loyalty.
Talk to you tomorrow!