January 11, 2013Issue No.6
Fresh Ideas from Jamie
Tips and Tricks to Breathing New Life into Your Decorating After the Holidays

The tree has come down, the lights and ornaments are put away. You look forward to putting the house back to normal, but you can't help but feel that the change is too drastic. The Christmas season gave you license to go over-the-top on your decorating, infusing as many textures and colors as your heart desired. But winter is still here and there are a few things you can do in your decorating to keep the warmth of the holidays with you well through the colder months.

Bring in the Emotional Warmth 

Traditionally, we tend to bring in the heat and cocoon in the winter months. We do this with texture, such as that found on drapes, velvets, throws, etc. The aim is to feel emotionally warmer in a season lacking color and life. The days are shorter and sunlight is at a premium. If you're ready to create additional warmth with a few changes inside your home, I'm ready to show you how.  



Bring in the Greens


First of all, I hope you left all of your pine and snowmen out for the winter months. Plus, I'm going to give you permission to do even more. Bring in the greens as it brings life inside the house when everything outside is dormant and void of vibrant colors. Replace the Christmas tree with a fern or a palm tree, something to replace the color, texture and height. Boston ferns are a great touch and as we get in potted spring flowers, it's adding happiness around the store. A little fun fact - bringing in the greens dates back to medieval times when people did not bathe throughout the winter. The greens helped mask the odors, while also keeping the bugs away.   



Bring in the Color 

You're on the path to bring in the greens; I'm now giving you permission to bring in more color, like accents of red. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, red poppies, roses and other flowers infuse your d�cor with new life. Plus, red is a perfect mix with the green. I just received a shipment of peonies in black pots, filling the store with lime accents. Remember, lime is the perfect accent color. It is an enhancer color, one that will go with anything. Sprinkle it around your home and see how your other colors pop.

We're even sneaking in rabbits wherever we can. Rabbits are a constant feature in the Midwest in winter and as long as you avoid the Easter Bunny, you can do the same. 


Bring in the Light   


The winter days are shorter and natural light is something we crave. To offset the shorter days, bring ambiance lighting into your home. Lighted twigs mixed in with the greenery provide the perfect ambiance lighting. Our battery candles can be set by remote control or on a timer, allowing you to come home to a house filled with lit candles without the risk of the flame. After a long day, the relaxing effect can completely settle the mood and provide the setting for the perfect evening.   


Resetting the Store 

Like you, I am busy taking down decorations and creating a new look in the store. We have several rooms already done, each of them incorporating the tips and tricks I have shared with you here. Our foyer is set in lime green and reds, providing the right contrast to create energy.


Float through to one of our other rooms to enjoy the tone on tone approach for a more muted, relaxed look. You can incorporate the same in your home, giving you options for different themes in different rooms so you have a choice when you want to unwind, or enjoy a bit of warm energy.  

As we settle into the New Year, we are receiving new merchandise every day, adding it to the store as appropriate. On your next walk through, you'll see we have a number of things in place for Valentine's Day, including dimensional cards at competitive prices.

But don't just take my word for it. Come on by and see what we're up to inside Jamie's Secret Garden.     



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