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Newsletter - February  2019

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February 16 - March 3

Winter Light
The art of
Virginia Strom Precourt

in our Conway shop

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May 4 & 5

Our Spring

in our Conway shop

May 25 & 26


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15th Anniversary issue

This issue marks the beginning of our 16th year of monthly publication of this newsletter. Fifteen years ago the list of antiques dealers who had made the effort to enter the digital world was not lengthy, and we're a bit proud to have been among that first wave. Our Internet presence has not only changed the way we do things, it has also expanded our world. Thanks to all who continue to follow us: in our newsletters, on our website, and on Facebook and Instagram. We value your interest in us and what we buy, sell, and collect. You are our business.
Opening February 16!
Winter Light
The Art of Virginia Strom Precourt

1 Corinthians XIII, 11
Virginia Strom Precourt
Polyfresco and threads
68" X 51"

This brilliantly executed painting is but one of the fifty-three works by Virginia Strom Precourt (1916 - 2008) that will be on display in our new showrooms from Saturday, February 16 through Sunday, March 3. We've just finished hanging all of the paintings and focusing the nearly 100 lights that will illuminate them. Whether you're a collector of art or an avid museum devotee, you'll find a great deal to view and appreciate in this show. And if you've been thinking that you'd like to see the inside of our wonderful new building, this would be a great time. It has never looked better.

For more information, including opening hours, please click on the painting above.

New Listings

Just a few new listings this month, including
two joint stools and  two upholstered stools.
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The Back Page
One of Virginia Strom Precourt's last paintings, inspired by our wonderful old barn and now enshrined in the new one.
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As always, thanks for reading.
John and Jan