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Newsletter - January  2019

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February 16 - March 3

Winter Light
The art of
Virginia Strom Precourt

in our Conway shop

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May 4 & 5

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May 25 & 26


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Happy New Year!

Thanks to all for a great 2018. We're privileged to enjoy the loyalty and friendship of so many lovers of early things, and we're looking forward to many new discoveries in the coming year.  We hope you'll stay in touch.

Our 2019 Calendar

We're beginning the year with a very special show in our new showrooms. We're proud to be exhibiting the work of Virginia Strom Precourt, an extraordinarily imaginative, sensitive, and innovative artist who lived and worked in the Boston area until her death in 2008 at the age of 92. You may read more about this very special show below.

The rest of our year will be much like 2018, with shows in Rhinebeck, Orleans, Tiverton, and Wilmington, as well as our Spring and Fall shows in Conway. Use the link in the Quick Links box (left) to view our 2019 calendar.

Views of our shop

In preparation for our February showing of the art of Virginia Strom Precourt, we've moved all of our stock in the front gallery. Soon those paintings and smalls will move to alternate spaces, and our shop will close as we prepare for our February art opening. Before doing that, we have taken pictures of the shop. Everything pictured was here at publication time, so if you see something you'd like to learn more about, don't hesitate to write. Click the photograph above to see it all.
Winter Light
The Art of Virginia Strom Precourt

Virginia Strom Precourt, a Boston-area artist whose work covered a rich range of styles and techniques, will be the featured artist at "Winter Light," an exhibition and sale in our shop next month.

Her art "ranged from graceful, detailed drawings to seemingly indestructible frescos," the Boston Globe wrote. Her subjects were as rich as her styles, calling upon people and scenes from her tra vels all over the world as well as her hometown of Dover, MA.

We are thrilled to bring Virginia's paintings to the part of the world she loved so much and we're delighted to display the breadth and depth of her life's work in our new showrooms.

For more information about this spectacular showing of a fine artist's work, click the painting above.

Our New Year's Eve feast

It has become our tradition to spend New Year's Eve at home, alone with Pippin, and prepare a multi-course dinner, cooked course by course and eaten at a leisurely pace. Adding to our enjoyment is the opportunity to share our evening afterwards by publicizing photographs in our January newsletter.

This year's dinner of mostly Italian classics was unique in that we were able to pair each course with a different craft beer brewed by King's County Brewers Collective, the world-class Brooklyn brewery where Lindsey is now a member of the team. Lindsey and Zak, one of the KCBC brewers, studied our menu and paired their exceptional beers with each course. The result was truly spectacular!

After clicking on the picture above, scroll through our five courses, but on your way, we hope that you'll click the name of each beer to see a pairing of KCBC's packaging with some of our Christmas decorations.

Buon appetito!

Pippin's Page  

For the most recent photograph of our little friend, just click his whiskers.

The Back Page

We were at the Wilmington show on Sunday, when a couple approached me. The woman, whom I recognized as a sometimes customer at Boston area shows, extended her hand and offered me a small packet of paper. "You were very kind to us, and I'd like you to have this", she said. When I opened the package I immediately walked over to Jan, who was, as usual, surrounded by jewelry shoppers. When she saw what we'd been given, her reaction was as strong as mine, and together we offered heartfelt thanks to the gentle couple for this most thoughtful gift. To see it, click this link.

As always, thanks for reading.
John and Jan