January 15, 2020 Edition
Are You Willing to Gamble on the Sale of Your Business?

Are you ready to risk your retirement, comfort of your spouse and family, personal legacy or future of your company? You worked way too hard for decades to do that.

Let's do the math. 65% of all established businesses in Canada and the US are owned by Boomers - Owners born between 1946-1964 the oldest boomer Owner is 74 and the youngest is 56. If you're reading this, likely I mean you.

Owners are rapidly backing themselves into a corner. Many businesses never sell. You thought you had plenty of time. You assumed or hoped you would get what the business was worth, when the time came. Newsflash. Time has come, and a freight train is attached.

It was a Sellers market. Because many Owners had not yet started the process or sold. To put it into real terms 90-95% have not sold and 80+% don't even have a transition plan for selling their business or a team to help sell it. Welcome to the Buyers market.

So to be clear, you were in the driver's seat if you had a good size, well run, solid and profitable business with a big future and a great team running it (without your participation). You planned and prepared for transition and a successful sale was in your future. If this is truly you, then chances are still good a successful transition is in your future.

On the other hand many of you did not do all of the above and are now panicking at least a little. Some Owners are very concerned and panicking alot. Oh and if you're a small lifestyle business (under $3 million in annual sales and the company revolves around you) it's not looking good.

So small, medium or large, either get to work right away to ready your company for transition or rethink your retirement plan.

So what do you do now? You have 2 easy choices below. Pick one right now!

Cheers, Eric Gilboord

Option 1. Contact me to schedule a call. eric@warrenbdc.com

Option 2. Download my book, then schedule a call.

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Eric's Latest Book Moving Forward

Written specifically for Boomer Aged Business Owners. One of the biggest events they face today, is to sell or transition out of their company.

Moving Forward is about selling or transitioning faster and for more; while dealing with the emotional and practical struggles Owners will face during the process.

At the same time it serves to help the Owners Family, Friends, Buyers and Trusted Advisers to better understand these challenges from the Sellers' perspective.
In this interview Eric:

  1. Says Naysayers uninformed opinions are based upon their own life experiences.
  2. Points out that the most important sale a business owner makes (the sale of the business) is the one they are least prepared for.
  3. Explains how he works with business owners to find unrealised potential.
  4. States that the demand for businesses with predictable cash flow is strong.
  5. Talks about some of the options business owners have when planning to exit.
  6. Notes that after cashing out many entrepreneurs are choosing to buy another business rather than investing in financial markets.
  7. And more
Many businesses have a best before date to transition. It may be best to sell before:

  1. Your industry changes too much to keep up with.
  2. You're too old to have a choice about transition anymore.
  3. Your competitors decide to attack and drive your value down.
  4. Your competitors make the move to sell first which can negatively affect your value. READ MORE
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A 10 minute read f or seasoned business Owners thinking about selling their company. Includes timelines and key activities. Great for Trusted Advisors to forward to share with their business Owner Clients.
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Eric talks about the current state of transitioning businesses. Who's buying and who's selling. What Sellers need to know.
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