In-person worship every Sunday with Rev. Laura Stratton, Pastor
9am at Mt. Zion UMC & 11am at Scottsville UMC
We ask that everyone,
even vaccinated individuals,
wear masks in worship due
to the substantial spread of the
omicron variant in our area.
Dear Mt. Zion and Scottsville UMC,

Thank you so much for my generous Christmas gift. I truly appreciate
your kindness and generosity, and I am blessed to be your pastor.

In Christ, Pastor Laura
I would like to thank you for your generosity in contributing to my Christmas gift as well. What a blessing to be part of such a wonderful family of faith.

Many blessings, Staci
SUMC has also received a card of thanks and a donation from
The Scottsville Skippers Club. It reads:

Thank you... For everything you do!

Der SUMC Board, We're very grateful for your support.
Thank you! The Skippers Club

Prayers & Praise of the People
The Week of January 9th

  • praise that Ellen has finished her radiation treatments
  • praise for the crews who worked hard to restore power
  • Randy gives praise for those who helped clean their gutters and who helped Ginny with deliveries
  • praise for all who helped neighbors and others during the storm clean-up
  • prayers for all negatively impacted by the storm
The Week of January 2nd

  •  Joy for the rain!
  • Joy for guests at Scottsville!
  • Joy that Ellen is finishing her treatments this week!
  • Pastor Laura gives thanks for the prayers and support of everyone and for the congregations' generosity
  • Connie's coworker, whose cancer isn't as aggressive as initially thought but who still has several treatments 
  • Ginny's sister's friend, Jim, who is beginning treatment for liver cancer
  • Patricia, the mother of a Hope Beyond the Bars inmate, who was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Day and is on a respirator          
  • Keith's friend, Amy, who is in the ICU with Covid pneumonia
  •  Jeff's friend, Rob, whose son, Joseph, died on New Year's Eve
  • Janet's friend, Mike Hansell, who died last week - prayers for his family and friends
  •  the Cullers, a couple from Pastor Laura's previous church, whose daughter died on Christmas

Long Term Requests
  • John Smith & his mother Katie
  • Bev Butler, Ellen Pitts' brother
  • Joyce Jarratt
  • Tillie Adcock's Family
Our Shut-Ins
  • Margaret Hughes
  • Mary O'Connell
  • Ruby Willis
  • Agnes Johnson
Additional Requests
  • The healing of our nation, physically, socially & spiritually.
  • All afflicted by COVID-19
  • Hope Beyond the Bars prison ministry - volunteer & participant list below
Many of our Reverse Advent items are still needed.

It's not too late for you to bring in items to donate to the Scottsville Bread of Life. If you are not able to find the exact sizes requested, just choose
something close. The Bread of Life is currently serving 84 families each month so every item is needed and appreciated.

75oz Laundry Detergent, 25oz Dish Detergent,
4 roll pk Toilet Paper, 2 roll pk Paper Towels

Virginia United Methodist Foundation
Micah 6:8/ No Harm Do Good Endowment Grant
in the amount of $1,500 has been awarded to
Hope Beyond the Bars.
This will enable us to continue our Bible study ministry through 2022.

If you are interested in sending cards or letters of support to inmates in our program, please contact Staci for further information.

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Blessings, Staci
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of the most recent minutes available.