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Non-Renewals are becoming very common these days, and we know it's sad to see so much "captive" business being rejected or turned away.

But please know there are other options for these customers!

Let CIU help you retain this business and help your customers repair their loss history (so that they can eventually return to your standard markets).

We can help with troubled homeowners; rental,  seasonal and vacant dwellings; low value; high value; older  dwellings; and more!  

Our mission is to make doing business with CIU a quick and easy process for you and your clients! 
Send your submissions to  Marsha Peck, Ext 236,   and let us help by providing the best available  quote  for you and your customer.
D esired risks include:
Servic e Contractors:
  -Drillers, Workover, 
      Perforation, Swabbing, 
      Acidizing,  Wireline, 
      Cementing & Casing 
  -Roustabouts, Painting, Sandblasting, Cleaning, Site 
      Preparation, Pressure Washing & 
      Equipment Maintenance
  -Pumpers, Gaugers & Welders (over-the-hole welders must 
      be certified)
  -Pipeline Construction, Pipe Testing & Laying of lines
  -Contractors performing light non-essential service work 
      in refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants
Lease Operators & Non-Operators:
  -Oil and Gas Well Operators
  -Royalty Interest
  -Non-operating working interest (NOWI)
Manufacturers & Distributors:
  -Products used in the oilfield including drill bits, drilling rigs, 
      compressors, pipes, pumps, tanks, valves
  -Rental equipment
  -Primarily those who observe operations in the oilfield and 
      report back to their clients with recommendations
  -Geophysical, Drilling, & Completion
Coverages include:
-Underground Resources
-Underground Equipment
-Additional Insured (Individual, Blanket, Primary 
    and/or  Completed Operations)
-Waiver of Subrogation (Individual or Blanket)  
-Independent Contractors (1099 Redefinition of Employee)  
-Per Project Aggregate  
-Employee Benefits Liability  
-Stop Gap  
Send your submissions to your underwriter, or to today for a quote! 
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A Few 
"Fun Facts" About Nicole Staudt-Rogers
1)  I am a native "Springfieldian," born and raised here.
2)  I have been married to my husband (Joe) for 10 years on July 30th 2015.
3)  I have 16 year old step son (Nick) who is a newly licensed driver.
4)  I am not athletic, but do enjoy being active and working out.
5)  I have 2 cats, one thinks he is a dog (Toby) & one is grumpy diabetic (Alijah).
6)  We have hosted "Life Group" (through our church) at our home for over 5 years now, and we really love doing so.
7)  My longest standing friendship is with a gal I met in afternoon Kindergarten (which has been a few years ago now).
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Commercial Lines  
Mixed-Use Bldg- 18 Apt units & 26,000 square footage of commercial/ mercantile space. $1mil/$2mil GL; $3mil Excess; $7.9mil Prop TIV (w/ $10k aop/1% subject to $50,000 minimum w/h dedts).
Bar/Tavern- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil/$2mil Liquor; $345k Prop TIV (w/ $2,500 aop/2% subject to %2,500 minimum w/h dedts).  Based on $1mil gross receipts (w/ approx 90% liquor sales). 
Taxicab- $50k$/$100k/$50k Auto Liability; $2k Med Pay; $25k/$50k UM/UIM.  5 units. Local radius. 
Residential General Contractor- $1mil/$2mil limits. $1k dedt.  $250k annual cost to subs.
Alarm Installation Contractor- $2mil/$2mil GL; $2mil/$2mil E&O; $25k Lost Key coverage & $200k/$300k Property Damage Extension sublimits. $300,000 annual gross receipts.
Apartment Building (w/ subsidized housing)- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $1k dedt); $2.6mil Prop TIV (w/ $5k all perils dedt). 56 units.
Sporting Goods & Athletic Equipment Manufacturing- $1mil/$2mil GL (excl Prod/Completed Ops); $4.3mil Prop TIV (w/ $10k aop/2% w/h dedts) $15,980
"Junk" Hauler (primarily residential clean-out of furniture, clothing, etc.)- $1mil CSL, $70k Phys Dmg (w/ $1k comp/coll deds).  2 units, local radius.
Payroll processing, Benefits Administration, HR Consulting, Risk Management and Loss Prevention- $1mil Misc Prof (w/ $15k dedt). $16,500
Personal Lines  
Excess- $5mil total limit (w/ $1mil sublimit over UM/UIM). 3 loc's (incl 2 rental dwellings); 2 watercraft; & 13 vehicles.
HO3- Owner Occupied. $295k TIV. "Unique" Construction (solar insulated w/ straw bales).
HO3- Owner Occupied. $189k TIV w/ $2,500 dedt. Prior fire loss.
HO3- Owner Occupied. $1.1mil TIV w/ $5k dedt. 2 prior losses.