From her bio at : "She has written religious education materials for all ages.Her work has appeared in the  Unitarian Universalism: Selected Essays, Unitarian Universalist Ministers' Association 1987 and 1996; Religious Education. The Journal of the Religious Education Association; First Days' Record,  and with Roberta M. Nelson, a chapter on "The Ministry of Religious Education" for  Leaping from Our Spheres , UUMA 2001. Her life style articles, food columns, photographs and poems have appeared in newspapers and regional magazines. She received the UUA's Angus McLean Award for Excellence in Religious Education in 2004."

Besides the eight congregations she has served, Middleton served on the LREDA Board and several committees, as well as the LREDA Task Force and Joint UUA/LREDA Task Force to create the Credentialing Program. She also served on the first configuration of the Credentialing Committee.

Betty Jo Middleton's career as a religious professional has clearly centered faith development and religious education. Her first sermon, in 1978, was titled "The Ministry of Teaching", and her most recent book is To Touch Inward Springs: Teaching and Learning for Faith Development (2015). is a pure pleasure to read for a religious educator. I highly recommend checking it out. It's available here as a paperback, or an e-book.