The EPN Consulting Newsletter - 089 - January 2018
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A few days ago I was talking with one of our clients about the kinds of technology used to manage transport and how much of this is accepted by citizens.

This made me think of the different buzzwords used in transport in the last 30 years.

The first buzzword appeared during mid 1980s when a new discipline, called Telematics, emerged on the market as a synergy of two existing disciplines: Communications and Informatics. The first applications of Telematic systems to Road Transport were then identified as Advanced Transport Telematics (ATT).

During mid 1990s the ATT systems and projects increased in number and complexity, therefore the ATT concept evolved in Road Transport Traffic Telematics (RTTT) where not only technology, but also the effects of its application on traffic and travelling were taken into account.
By the end of 1990s the concept of Telematics evolved in a wider one classified as Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) - still in use today - whereas RTTT evolved into Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) identifying an umbrella concept for a range of technologies including Data Processing, Control, Communications and Electronics that are applied to Transportation Systems (transport infrastructures + vehicles + users).

Although some experts tried to evolve the concept of ITS, yet used in these days, into Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITSS), this buzzword didn't gain much visibility.

Finally, in the current decade, the most heard & mentioned buzzword is Mobility as a Service (MaaS), a concept taken from the ICT world (i.e. Software as a Service - SaaS) that encompasses the possibility of travelling from A to B without having ownership of any means of transport and being billed from the entire journey without bothering who are the transport service providers in name and kind (bus, bike sharing, car sharing, train, etc.).
The European Commission mentioned MaaS in some of its calls for proposals at the beginning of Horizon 2020, its largest funding framework ever, a few years ago, showing that this had become a consolidate concept (buzzword?) of the future.

The MaaS concept is definitely interesting as probably represents the only chance of encouraging people to use Public Transport by relieving them from the hassle of buying several kinds of tickets. So far, though, it seems hard to convince the relevant transport providers that being part of a MaaS platform will bring great benefits to them too.

This, in my opinion, is the hardest effort that we as transport experts have to make in the future to promote the MaaS concept not as one of the many trendy buzzwords, but as a concrete reality.

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Horizon 2020 & other calls close to deadline

30 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the LC-MG-1.1-2018 call (RIA, Stage 1 - InCo Flagship on Reduction of Transport Impact on Air Quality)
30 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the LC-MG-1.2-2018 call (RIA, Stage 1 - Sustainable Multi-Modal Inter-Urban Transport, Regional Mobility and Spatial Planning)
30 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the LC-MG-1.3-2018 call (RIA, Stage 1 - Harnessing and Understanding the Impacts of Changes in Urban Mobility on Policy-making by City-led Innovation for Sustainable Mobility)
30 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the LC-MG-1.4-2018 call (RIA, Stage 1 - Hardening Vehicle Environmental Protection System against Tampering)
30 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the LC-MG-2.1-2018 call (RIA, Stage 1 - Human Factor in Transport Safety)
30 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the LC-MG-2.2-2018 call (IA, Stage 1 - Marine Accident Response)
30 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the LC-MG-3.1-2018 call (RIA, Stage 1 - Multi-disciplinary and Collaborative Aircraft Design Tools and Processes)
30 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the LC-MG-3.2-2018 call (IA, Stage 1 - The Autononous Ship)
30 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the LC-MG-3.3-2018 call (RIA, Stage 1 - Driver Behaviour and Acceptance of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Transport)

31 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the BigDataPrize-01-2017 call (Inducement Prize: Big Data Technologies - Stage 1) 
31 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the EUJ-01-2018 (EU-Japan) call (RIA - Advanced Technologies for a Hyper-connected Society in the context of Smart City)
31 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the EUJ-02-2018 (EU-Japan) call (RIA - 5G and beyond)
31 Jan 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the EUK-01-2018 (EU-Korea) call (RIA - Cloud, IoT and AI technologies)

08 Feb 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the SME Instrument Phase 1 (1st cut-off date)

EPN Consulting is happy to help SMEs and any kind of organisations assess their project ideas, convert their ideas in robust and valuable proposals and manage the entire project cycle once the proposals are eligible for funding.

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UK bike-sharing companies at risk from predatory pricing

12 Jan 2018 - The representative body for bike-sharing companies in the United Kingdom has warned that operators are in jeopardy of being priced out of the market by wealthy competitors from China.

The first dockless bike-sharing company launched in Britain less than a year ago and the concept has since spread widely. Six operators, including Chinese giants Ofo and Mobike, now compete in nine cities across Britain, offering customers cheap rides and local authorities free transport infrastructure.

"I don't suppose all of them will be around in two years' time", said Antonia Roberts, director of Bikeplus, the informal governing body for bike-sharing operators in Britain. The two biggest players in China - Ofo and Mobike - have more than 90% of the market.

UK Government seeks ideas to prepare Britain's Roads for influx of Driver-less and Electric Cars

15 Jan 2018 - Highways England and the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) launched the 'Roads for the Future' competition which is seeking ideas from innovators and engineers who, if successful, will receive part of a £200,000 (EUR 225,000) fund to bring them to life.

In particular the Government is interested in adapting existing infrastructure to fit new technologies and exploring how cars driven both autonomously and by human drivers can coexist harmoniously. Up to £30,000 (EUR 34,000) will be awarded to each of the highest-ranking applications with five projects ultimately expected to receive the funds.

Once the successful applicants have completed their projects, the NIC will award a further £50,000 to the applicant (EUR 56,000) judged to have developed the best project.

UK Northern Powerhouse Rail plan revealed: 4 cities, 1 hour, 1.3m people

16 Jan 2018 -  A new fast rail link between Liverpool and Leeds would allow 1.3 million people in the north of England to reach four cities in less than an hour, adding billions of pounds to the local economy, according to the body tasked with improving transport infrastructure in the region. 

Transport for the North (TfN) proposed a new train line that would connect Bradford to Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and beyond - a transformational development for a city severely hampered by lacking a through-railway station.

Bradford has the most youthful population of any UK city, with almost a quarter of the district's 528,000 people under 16, but its two train stations are dead ends, limiting job prospects and deterring investment. The new line, to be called Northern Powerhouse Rail, jettisoning previous suggestions it should be called HS3 or "Crossrail for the North", does not stretch as far as Newcastle or Hull. Services to those cities would be on old, albeit upgraded, lines, if TfN's proposals become a reality at some point beyond 2030.
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EC proposed more flexibility on VAT rates and less red tape for Small Businesses

18 Jan 2018 -  The European Commission proposed new rules to give Member States more flexibility to set Value Added Tax (VAT) rates and to create a better tax environment to help SMEs flourish.

These proposals are the final steps of the Commission's overhaul of VAT rules, with the creation of a single EU VAT area to dramatically reduce the €50bn (£44bn) lost to VAT fraud each year in the EU, while supporting business and securing government revenues.

The EU's common VAT rules, agreed by all Member States in 1992, are out of date and too restrictive.  At the same time, EU countries consider VAT rates as a useful instrument to pursue some of their political objectives. The Commission is now making good on its pledge to give Member States more autonomy on rates.

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2018 EU-China Tourism Year (ECTY)

19 Jan 2018 - It was officially opened the ECTY 2018 in Venice (Italy).

Decided in July 2016 by the President of the European Union,  Jean-Claude Juncker, and the Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, its specific objectives were agreed at the 2017 Summit EU-China Summit as follows:

- promote lesser-known destinations
- improve travel and tourism experiences
- provide opportunities to increase economic co-operation
- create an incentive to make quick progress on EU-China visa facilitation and air connectivity

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