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Jan 2019 Volume 25, No. 1
CAPMT Piano Auditions 2018
Congratulations to all of the CAPMT Auditions Students from Wenjen Piano
Studios who performed on November 4, 2018! The students with the top "5" score will perform in the CAPMT Southern Festival on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2019 at LA Harbor College and will receive a medal!

Congratulations CAPMT District 3 Piano/Ensemble Auditions 2018
5‐Rated Students from Wenjen Piano Studios!
Lilly Chu Jones
Mindi Zhang
Georgia Topper
Austin G. Lee
Idah Corfitzen & Camille Grace Rodriguez (ENSEMBLE AUDITIONS)
Mikaela Eunji D'Adamo
Robert Steven Gerschultz
Start Here: An Introduction to Our Certificate Program | ...

The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is a comprehensive system of music study and assessment from Elementary through to Advanced levels. In many countries, it is considered the gold standard for developing high-calibre musical literacy.

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About The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program | The...

The world's most comprehensive system of music study and assessment

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Royal Conservatory Certificate Program
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Exam Registration System

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Certificate of Merit® - Music Teachers' Association of...

The program provides a standard of curriculum that requires students to strive for focused musical excellence in performance, technique, ear training, sight reading/singing, and music theory.

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Certificate of Merit Program
Important Dates
Sun. 3-10-19 CM Theory El Camino College
Sun. 3-10-19 CM Day 1 El Camino College
Sat. 3-16-19 CM Day 2 El Camino College
Sun. 2-17-19 CM Day 3 El Camino College
Sun. 3-24-19 times TBA Branch Honors (Levels 5 and Above who qualify)
Sun. 3-31-19 Senior Medallion
Upcoming Events
January 2019
Students Perform at
Brookdale Senior Home
Thanks to everyone who performed at my mother, Rose's Senior residence in Torrance. The seniors loved it! We will book another one in spring. Students received community service certificates.

Holiday Workshops!
Halloween Workshops!
Upcoming Events Overview

Sat. 2-3-19 Southern Festival at LA Harbor College. Times TBA (most likely morning)

WPS Workshops Torrance 3:00 & 4:30 PM
Sat. 1-19-19
Sat. 2-9-19
Sat. 3-2-19
Sat. 4-20-19
Sat. 5-11-19 (Awards Workshop)
Sat. 6-8-19 June Recitals

Sat. 3-30-19 Times TBA St. Mark's Presbyterian
2-27-19 Deadline: SCJBF online enrollment:

National Guild Auditions Signups this month! Email Ms. Noreen if you want to sign up for this!

Noreen at MTNA Conference in Spokane
Mon. thru Thurs. April 8-11, 2019 (No lessons)
Spring Break (No lessons)

May 5, 2019 (Sunday), Los Angeles Harbor College, Time TBA (All Day)
Online Application & Payment Portal Opens: March 5, 2019
Online Application & Payment Portal Closes: April 5, 2019
Music Student Service League MSSL South Bay Perform at senior homes! For middle school and high school students.

Check for updates and additions:
Teacher's Notes

The students of Wenjen Piano Studios should be very proud of all that they accomplished in 2018! Your great effort led to success! We had great participation in the monthly workshops, recital at Grandma Rose's senior home, CAPMT Piano and Ensemble Auditions, as well as many students honored in the Royal Conservatory Certificate program, Certificate of Merit, Southern California Jr. Bach Festival, and much more!

I am more than halfway through my two-year term as state President of the California Association of Music Teachers, working with a fantastic Board of Directors who have vision, passion, and a love of teaching and music. Our membership base continues to grow steadily, especially with young, professional music teachers and collegiate students.

I continue to serve as the MTNA Certification Chair, on the American Music Teacher Editorial Committee, China Certification Task Force Chair for MTNA, and was recently elected Chair of the State Presidents Advisory Council.

Professionally, I have had had exciting developments that will ring in 2019:
My book Two Year Wait List: An Entrepreneurial Guide for Music Teachers will be published in March of 2019. I will be presenting at the upcoming MTNA national conference in Spokane Washington Sunday, March 17, 2019 entitled The Business Minded-Music Teacher: Entrepreneurial and Technology Tips for your Music Studio.

I look forward to 2019, excited to see my students challenge themselves, develop technique, and grow as a performer, with their knowledge in theory and music history,

Remember that "A journey of A thousand steps begins with a single step." Take time each day to practice with intent and start the journey to reaching your musical goals!

Warm regards,

Noreen Wenjen, NCTM
Wenjen Piano Studios
CAPMT is the State Affiliate for the Music Teachers' National Association
Fond Memories of Dr. Don
In November I said goodbye my wonderful adult student of over 25 years, Dr. Don, who passed on November 15, 2018. He was my first adult student, and his love of music continued to flourish over the decades.

His favorite music was Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven and he enjoyed learning concerti. In his later years, he had a stroke, and although could only use one hand, he could combine both hands of a duet to his right hand, and I played the other hand.

He loved to perform at the workshops, and also took time to teach the students about the history of the composer he was performing that day.

He had a PhD from Cal Tech and music seemed to keep his mind sharp even into his 80's.

His daughter, Janet, Son, Warren, and son-in-law, Russell often accompanied him to the workshops. He inspired everyone by his ability to memorize lengthy piano works and the way he continued to challenge himself with more difficult works each year.

I gave Dr. Don his last lesson at the hospital, where we discussed a crossword puzzle of music history from Clavier Companion. He helped me to grow as a teacher, and I watched him grow into a fine musician.

Thank you to our Sponsors
Dear Parents,

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Gifted Kids
7 Signs of a gifted child

Giftedness is often defined as an intellectual ability linked to an IQ score of 130 or over. However, not all gifted children excel in an academic area. Some may display high creative, artistic, musical and/or leadership abilities relative to...

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Music and the Brain
4 Ways Learning Piano Benefits Your Brain

We all know music is kind of magic. It has the power to tap directly into our emotions, and ignite our imaginations. It can make us bust a move, or move us to tears, sometimes in the course of a single song. But that's not all it can do.

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