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Jan 2021 Newsletter
SCDOT advocacy updates:
-Complete Streets policy
During our final call with the Secretary of Transportation to discuss her draft complete streets policy, we arrived at these 2 challenges:
  1. SCDOT doesn't want to "hit MPO's over the head" with systemic, minimum standards of accommodation (IE, near schools), even if locally sensitive to context. Rather, they want to provide a "toolkit" to the local, regional planning bodies to enable them to do it themselves; and
  2. The effort to improve state-local coordination and engagement through a more transparent 2-3 year candidate repaving list was reduced to primary routes only.

We continue to advocate for these 2 final changes in the last stretch of the policy campaign. Stay tuned for our transition to the state legislature regarding Item #1 (H.3051, led by Representative Pendarvis of Charleston).

  • Contact your
  • Commissioners, and
  • Explain that SCDOT needs to:
  • "TAKE THE LEAD with minimum, systemic safety accommodations for complete streets, since SCDOT state-owned roads are home to ~95% of South Carolina's pedestrian and bike fatalities."
-Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Action Plan
PCC spoke as a stakeholder with SCDOT as they began development of SCDOT's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Action Plan. This should take about a year. On the call, we expressed the need to start with engineering and follow with education, and only enforce when new engineering is there. We also expressed the same we said to the Secretary: our state needs a minimum safe standard of accommodation, even localized to context. They said 'no' - that they are creating a list of countermeasures.  Stay tuned as this process and plan evolves.
Legislative Agenda 2021 !!!
Here is our updated Legislative Agenda for Safe Streets. Virtual Lobby Day for Safe Streets planning is still in progress. Contact us if you’d like to participate! We heard from almost a dozen of you, statewide, on this week's Legislative Agenda Q&A - thank you!
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Did You Know?
Did you know this small liberal arts college has a Cycling Studies minor? It's the only one in the country, and it's one state away. Read more here:
Local Spotlights:
700 Crosswalks
in Charleston
"700 Crosswalks is an initiative by SCDOT District Six to upgrade and/or install 700 crosswalks over seven years at signalized intersections across Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester and Jasper counties. SCDOT recently provided an update on the effort."
Myrtle Beach Going Full Steam Ahead
Read about their new plans for a protected bike lane, bike boxes, rail trail connections, a Marquee bike and pedestrian crossing, and a Bike Hub in the ARTS center.

Mar 30, 2021
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May 15, 2021
Nov 10-14, 2021

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