Jan/Feb 2018
Benefits of Outdoor Education

Mark Your Calendars: Science Symposium on May 2 nd 4:00-6:30 at the SSU Student Center. Come hear what our students have been up to!

Why Outdoor Education Works

An Interview with the Center's
Education Manager, Suzanne DeCoursey

By: Makayla Freed, Naturalist & Student Land Steward

Q: Why are outdoor experiences central to the Center programs? Getting outside is a fantastic way to get people in all disciplines on campus involved in environmental issues. No matter what degree you end up with, you're going to have to react to the environmental challenges that we're going to face. You can tell people "The environment is important, you should appreciate it," but unless they have a powerful experience, it's not necessarily something they're going to remember. While there are many other preserve opportunities for students our particular programs put their skills to use in a way that helps give back to the community.
Q: Why does outdoor learning work? There's research showing that being outdoors relaxes social boundaries. This can be very effective for learning from and working with others. In the 21st century we really need people who are good at working together, good at creative thinking, and good at having these bursts of insight. Learning in the natural world is one of the best ways to bring all of those things to the fore.
Q: How do your programs make a difference in people's lives? I hear from community members that being able to go out to our preserves with SSU students who are young and enthusiastic is tremendously invigorating. Our students lead tours, talk about research, and share experiences they've had on the University preserves. [K-12] Teachers who bring their classes to the Osborn preserve value the interaction their students get to have with the SSU students. In some cases, the students will get to talk to the people doing the research on the preserve, and learn some of the most cutting edge knowledge. These are experiences they can't get in any other places.
Real World Learning

"Our interns help us connect with the community and to the real-world learning happening on our preserves. It's stimulating to work with these bright students - they learn from us and we learn from them - that's the heart of what the Center for Environmental Inquiry does"

-Anne Reeves, Director of Communications & Branding

Fond Farewell to Alice Tennigkeit

"Working for the Center for Environmental Inquiry has been the most rewarding experience I’ve had at Sonoma State University. I’ve learned how to effectively communicate through online marketing, strengthen my interpersonal and mass communication skills, and improve my attention to detail. I greatly appreciate the trust the Center has put in me, and in turn I’ve become more responsible."

"My internship with the Center has increased my self confidence within the professional world—no matter where I go from here,
I know my future career will depend on the skills I’ve learned from my internship at the Center. Learning how to communicate with professionals in person, in meetings, via conference calls, and emails will help me in the future regardless of where I find work. I am so grateful for this opportunity and all the invaluable skills I’m taking with me as I graduate. I’m looking forward to continuing to work in the local environmental field, specifically in environmental education."

-Alice Tennigkeit, BA, Mass Communications, Sonoma State University

Welcome, Taylor Moran!

"I am excited to join the CEI team for the Spring 2018 semester and am looking forward to assisting in the Marketing and Communications aspects for the Center."

-Taylor Moran, Marketing & Communications Intern

We’d like to introduce you to our newest marketing and communications intern Taylor Moran. Taylor is currently a Senior studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and two years of experience in Biological Sciences here at SSU.

Taylor’s passion for environmental inquiry is apparent in her experience working with wildlife preserves such as Safari West and The San Francisco Zoo. In Taylor’s most recent position she assisted the School of Business and Economics Marketing Department in their day to day outreach and marketing campaigns.

Taylor’s experience along with her passion for environmental conservation will make her a great addition to the Center, and we look forward to working with her!

www.sonoma.edu/cei Director, Dr. Claudia Luke lukec@sonoma.edu