January/February 2020:
Pastoral Care Ministry Newsletter
Commission on Pastoral Care Reflection
Image taken on the Oak Ridge Trail in Rochester, VT
-By Kristine Rooney

"With the New Year and a new decade upon us, I have been reflecting on that word: hope. Hope is something that we are all invested in as pastoral care ministers, aren’t we? So many of the people we visit are clinging to it. Sometimes it is hard to find, and other times it is so obviously present. What is it?"   Read more.
Mental Health First Aid 101 Presentation
On January 11, Brian Evers, Associate Director of Safe Environment for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany and Director of Pyramid Life Center, gave an overview of Mental Health First Aid for older adults and those dealing with later life issues at the Pastoral Center in Albany. The presentation was live streamed to St. Edward’s Church in Clifton Park and Our Lady of Annunciation Church in Queensbury. Approximately 70 people participated in the program and seemed to enjoy the lively nature and interactive format. A big thank you to Brian and all those who attended. 

An eight hour certification course on this topic will be offered on April 23, 2020 at the Pastoral Center. See link for registration info. All are invited.
St. Peter’s Health Partners Looking for Eucharistic Ministers  
Have you ever felt like you wanted to get involved in some sort of ministry but weren't sure what to do, where to do it, or what would be involved? Well, this might be an opportunity for you.  St. Peter's Health Partners are currently in need of more volunteers for Eucharistic Ministry. Read more .
Join the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide for a webinar training featuring Dr. Brian Callister and Dr. David Kim. This training is provided in anticipation of  Medical Professionals Advocacy Day  in Albany. Learn tried and true messaging and best practices to oppose assisted suicide.

January 15:
Christmas Clean-Up for all Albany Diocesan Cemeteries

January 24:

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April 23:
Adult Mental Health First Aid , Pastoral Center

April 25:

June 11:

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Caregiver Resources
Preventing and Preparing For a Mental Health Crisis

"Having a plan ahead of time before one is in a crisis situation offers quicker help and more options."
The Stages of Grief-Myth


We've all heard of the five stages of grief by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. This article proposes a "more realistic and comprehensive list." Read More .
Spotting Elder Abuse When You Live Far Away
-National Institute on Aging

“If you live far away from your loved one, you may find it hard to evaluate the quality of their care. Here are some ways you can help keep an eye on things no matter where you are."   Read More .
Laser Focus on Charism for Ministry to Survive

- Chausa.org

“The evolution to a predominantly lay-led ministry is, I would argue, at a new and critical juncture. The progression from the lay participation with the vowed religious has now transitioned to lay ministry leadership." Read More .
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