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Jan 2015 Newsletter
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CIU now has access to some exciting new programs, including: 

Retail & Lessor's Risk
Crane & Boom Trucks
Concrete Pumper Trucks
Towing & Recovery Ops

Call your underwriter today for more info!


We are ready for SPRING, and looking forward to warmer weather ahead!

Send us your WARM WEATHER classes, such as:

Tree Trimmers
Landscape Gardeners
Lawn Maintenance Contractors
Pool Installation & Service Contractors
Roofing & Remodeling Contractors
...and more!

Get a jump on the competition by marketing to these "spring-time" classes of business now! 
We don't mean to DRONE on, but we can help with your DRONE risks! 

This is an up and coming exposure, and we can help you with these accounts!

With markets for the GL and/or Inland Marine, let us help your business SOAR by LANDING these risks!

Call us today for details!  

Let us help "COVER" your insureds with an "EXTRA" layer of protection!


To keep your customers properly protected, they should have an Excess or Umbrella policy.  


For those risks that do not fit your standard Excess/Umbrella markets, give us a chance to help! 


We can offer Excess/Umbrella coverage on Personal OR Commercial Lines clients. 


We have two Personal Umbrella markets that can handle hard to place risks, including:    

  •          Limits  from $1 Mil - $10 Mil are available 
  •          UM/UIM is available ($1 Mil to $2 Mil)
  •          Drivers with DUI's or AFA
  •          Youthful drivers, or drivers over 70 years old
  •          Schedules of rental dwellings
  •          Personal Farms

And on the Commercial side we have countless markets that can cover everything from a small artisan contractor all the way up to a large medical products manufacturer.  


There is no account too large or small for our Excess markets! 


Increase your profit by offering your insureds an Excess or Umbrella quote today, and keep them safe from the downpours of life with this "extra" layer of coverage. 


For Personal Lines contact Marsha Peck, Ext 236,

For Commercial Lines send your submission to:, or call your underwriter today! 

Call us... we are here for YOU!!

Time - there never seems to be enough these days.


Competition - more than enough these days.


Frustration - having a customer non-

renewed and/or rejected by your standard markets.                        


Vagueness - a state where you are not quite sure where to get coverage, or what information you will need for a quality submission.  


This is familiar to all of us in the insurance industry! 


We have an answer for all of the above - pick up the phone and CALL US!  Talk with your CIU Account Executive!  


We can save you time and provide some immediate feedback.


We can discuss your risk on the phone, and with a few preliminary questions we should be able to tell you if we have a market which will compete for your specific customer BEFORE you even send us the formal submission.    


Get ahead of your competition!


We can ease your frustration and either provide you with a solution for your customer, or steer you toward another outlet that can help you (if we can't).  


And we can quickly advise the type of additional information and/or application(s) that would be needed for us to complete a review of your specific risk!


Call us!  We are here for you, and we can help!!

Phone: (417) 883-3277
Toll Free: (800) 241-9759 

Fax: (417) 883-3393



Vacant Dwelling w/ modified HO3 form, $1.6mil TIV                                            $5,615
Contents in a mini-storage, Named Perils, $20k TIV                                               $230  Personal Umbrella w/ 5 rental units, 3 watercraft, youthful operators                  $1,875
   and an open claim, $5mil limit  
Log Home (new const, 65% complete), DP3, $280k TIV                                     $1,180
Seasonal Dwelling, HO3, $618k TIV                                                                    $2,780

Comm Bldg Owner (w/ 4 Apartments, LRO & Vacant space undergoing          $10,590 
   renovations) - $3mil/$3mil GL limits; $1mil Prop TIV (w/ $5k dedt), RC     
College - Educators E&O $1mil/$2mil, $10k SIR                                                $23,650
Taxicab -15 units, local radius, $100k CSL; $51k phys dmg w/ $1k dedts          $43,570
Oil/Gas Equipment Pressure Washing - $1mil/$2mil GL; $2mil GR                    $14,375
Payroll Processing & HR Consultant - $1mil Prof w/ $15k dedt                         $15,000
Sporting Goods Equipment Mfg - $1mil/$2mil GL (excl Products & P&AI);        $14,365
     $4.3mil Prop ($10k aop/2% w/h prop dedts); $2.9mil GR
Owners, Contractors Protective - $2mil/$3mil GL; $2.6mil cost of const.              $5,980
Vacant Motel w/ tenant-occupied (operating) restaurant - $1mil/$2mil GL,           $5,180
    $580k Prop TIV (w/ $5k dedt)
Apt Complex (partially occupied, partially undergoing renovations) - $1mil/       $18,620
    $2mil GL; $3.2mil TIV (w/ $10k dedt). 18 units. 
Vacant Comm Office Bldg - $7.6mil Prop TIV (w/ $5k dedt).                              $22,350