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Newsletter - December  2017

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January 13 & 14, 2018

Shriner's Auditorium
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It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since last year's winter holidays. Normal life came to an abrupt halt in late February, and the passing of time has been difficult to track.

So it's now about to be December again - and time for us to think about how we might fit into your holiday plans. If we had a shop, we'd fill it with our most appealing gift nominees. But, since we don't, we're loading this newsletter with gift suggestions.

You'll find two links below. The first will take you to a listing of more than seventy pieces, all bargain priced at $25. The second is a reprise of last month's new listings, which, you may recall, contained many of the best pieces that remained after our Fall Show two weekends ago. We can't offer such colossal discounts on these things, but you might find a gift or two on this page.

In this newsletter you'll also find installment nine of the chronicle of our new barn - and, of course, the latest picture of Pippin and this month's Back Page. We hope you'll have a look.

December's New Listings

This month we're happy to offer more than 70 small antiques for only $25 each. And we're offering free shipping on all orders of $50 or more. Some of the pieces on sale appear in the picture above - which you can click to view the complete listing.
In case you missed it . . .

. . . we're re-listing our November offerings, many of which are still available. Click the picture for a look at these  attractive and affordably priced gift ideas.

Progress - Framing the Interior

Please click the picture above to view the latest progress on the creation of our new barn. 
Pippin's Page  
Did somebody say "photogenic"?
Click the picture if you agree.
The Back Page

February's tornado devastated hundreds of trees on the adjacent hillsides. All summer long the destruction was hidden by the foliage on the surviving trees. Now, as winter approaches, the hillsides are once again visible, awakening memories of the disaster.

Click or tap here for a view to the east from Academy Hill Road.
As always, thanks for keeping in touch.
John and Jan