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Image courtesy of Amin Roshan

Image courtesy of Amin Roshan: Stone Lion on pipes, 2015, Acrylic Silk Screen with crude oil, 90 x 120 cm


Whether you are reading this on the beach enjoying a well deserved break or in your office or at home, we wish everyone very happy holidays during the month of August.

This month, we are very much looking forward to the opening of the new Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan, which celebrates its position on the Silk Road by  promoting contemporary art exchange, exhibition, collection and public education between China and Islamic countries.  Two of its inaugural exhibitions will be 'Between East and West-Chinese and Islamic Contemporary Art' and 'Very Contemporary Jordan-the Contemporary Art of Jordan'.  

Our other exciting news is that Janet Rady has been appointed Head of Development for the new Art Fair in Bahrain in October 2015.  Under the patronage of  Her Royal Highness Princess  Sabeeka  Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Wife of the King of Bahrain and President of the Supreme Council for Women and a patron of the arts, ArtBahrain is a celebration of a history and culture rooted in artistic expression and is designed to showcase the very best the country has to offer and bring to Bahrain the very best from all over!  We look forward to welcoming you there.

With all best wishes from the JRFA Team


Amin Roshan Biography
"It is not easy to say why I have chosen oil. Living in an oil land and an oil family is not the sole answer. The main reason may be its extensive impact and influence, not only on my life and my family, but also on the geography of Iran..." Read full biography
Interview with Amin Roshan
by art journalist and writer Lisa Pollman
Interview with Amin Roshan
A closeup on Neither East nor West, Islamic Republic, 2015, Acrylic Silk Screen with crude oil, 160 x 240 cm
You were born in the Naftoon district of a city called Masjed Soleiman, located in southwest Iran. Can you tell us more about your childhood and how growing up in this particular city impacted your artwork?
"Yes. The "Naftoon" neighbourhood was built by Englishmen and was where they lived. After the nationalisation of oil, they left and gradually returned the houses to the heads of the Iranian Oil Company. We had a big, beautiful house with a small garden in the courtyard. I have many great memories from there..."
Read full interview
Extract from Testimonials  
"...Roshan retells the history of this exploitation of oil and he uses crude oil to reinforce the meaning and message of his work. The backdrop of the NIOC is an excuse for Roshan to reiterate the political power of oil. He adorns workers' hard hats like the crowns of kings, showing the unacknowledged indebtedness to this segment of society. In his work oil is more than just a medium, it is pure magic, a force..." Daniel Seif

Samira Eskandarfar: A Dowry for Mahrou  
Kunsthalle Bielefeld, 22 July - 30 August 2015, Bielefeld, Germany. More here
Lawrence Abu Hamdan Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Taqiyya-The Right to Duplicity
Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, 11 July - 13 September 2015, Davidstrasse 40, Switzerland. More here
Sara Naim, Heartstrings Sara Naim: Heartstrings
Southbank Centre, 4 August 2015 - 27 September 2015 , Hayward Gallery, London. More here
She Who Tells a Story
Carnegie Museum of Art, 30 May - 28 September 2015, Heinz Galleries, CMOA, Oakland. More here
Shahzia Sikander, Parallax
Guggenheim Bilbao, 16 July - 22 November 2015, Abandoibarra et.2, Spain. More here
Past Forward Past Forward
Contemporary Art from the Emirates, 11 August - 31 October 2015 , Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, Michigan State University, MI. More here

This month we focus on the topic of restoration.  Often taken for granted, we look at how restorers bring masterpieces back to life and offer practical advice on caring for your collection.

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