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January 2021
Connecting with ALPACT
Our Advocacy team here at Disability Network Southwest Michigan is connecting with ALPACT groups in our region. ALPACT, which stands for "Advocates and Leaders for Police and Community Trust," started nearly 20 years ago in Detroit. The mission of ALPACT is to transparently and honestly examine issues affecting police and community relations in order to build community trust and ensure the just and equitable enforcement of laws and maintain a mutual commitment to community well-being.

We are connecting with Kalamazoo County ALPACT, and Berrien County ALPACT (formerly called Southwest Michigan ALPACT) to ensure the voice of the disability community is present in these community law enforcement conversations.
Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Burden People with Disabilities
On December 30, 2020, Governor Whitmer vetoed House Bills 4910 and 4911, commonly referred to as the "Emotional Support Animal" bills. Among other things, the bills proposed that landlords could require people with disabilities to produce significant documentation of "proof" of the need for an emotional support animal. In Whitmer's letter of veto she stated, "In requiring that people requesting accommodations allow potential housing providers to access detailed, private information about their medical treatment and condition, these bills would constitute a significant invasion of privacy."
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Mourning the Loss of Stanley Holbrook
Stanley Holbrook, who passed away on December 17, 2020, was a tireless advocate for disability rights and racial justice and a longtime leader in the Independent Living Movement. He served on the board of the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) for 14 years, including serving as the Diversity Chair and being instrumental in the development of NCIL’s diversity initiatives.

Follow this link to read more about Stan Holbrook's work in the Independent Living Movement.
Stanley Holbrook
Celebrating Ed Roberts Day
January 23rd is Ed Roberts Day. Roberts is often referred to as “the father of the Independent Living Movement” because of his persistent and successful advocacy work for disability rights. Ed Roberts and the "rolling quads" started the first Center for Independent Living in 1972 in Berkeley California.
To celebrate Ed Roberts Day, we are holding our workshop titled Rise Up! Disability Resistance, History and Pride. Being offered as an interactive online workshop, Rise Up! will include discussion and activities that promote knowledge of disability history and support the journey to disability pride.
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