NEWSLETTER | January 2022

New Year Greeting
Dear EuroPris members,

I would like to thank you for your cooperation and the opportunities you have given us in the past year by engaging in activities organized during 2021. We hope to continue our mission this year by strengthening cooperation and using the networking opportunities to our full potential to exchange useful practices.

It goes without saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a major effect on our lives, and for now we cannot predict when we will return to normal. Since the beginning of the pandemic, EuroPris has been connecting and exchanging data and experiences between prison services in a daily follow-up of the Covid-19 mailing group with a Feedback Collection. As a result of the demand to investigate these experiences further, EuroPris is now forming a working group to produce a practice collection, showcasing reforms and innovations implemented in the last 2 years.

During the last year, we have held a few important activities and meetings in-person. The response to these events has been overwhelming, showing the importance of in-person meetings to build networks and exchange ideas more actively. Meeting online has its advantages to saving time and connecting from any location. However, it does miss the interactive part where communication is more effective. This year we will do both, making use of the strengths of the different meeting formats. EuroPris will keep the pace in organising events in-person and online. In this newsletter edition, you can read about some of the upcoming events which we hope will be of interest to your service.

I wish you a positive and successful year, and I am looking forward to working with you further on connecting and advancing European prison practice.


Caron McCaffrey
President of EuroPris
Upcoming Events
Call for papers & registration:
ICT Workshop
How does an inmate experience technology in prison? What are the areas for improvement? Do you have inspiring ideas or know-hows that would stir the audience to learn more about how technology is being used in prisons across Europe? Register now to the next ICT workshop on 'The Inmate’s Digital Journey – Current and Future Solutions' taking place in Istanbul, Turkey on 5-6 April 2022. Interested to apply as a speaker? Apply latest by 31 January 2022.
Webinar for Director Generals
Prison services have been extremely effective in managing the Covid threat, predominantly through the introduction of regime restrictions. However, as we now face the reality that Covid and pandemics may be a feature of our future, it's time to begin discussions in relation to the measures we can take to safeguard our populations from infection while continuing to deliver on our mission to rehabilitate those in our care. An exclusive webinar on 'Living with Covid - Maintaining Prison Regime in the Time of Crisis' is offered to (deputy) Director Generals of prison services where they have the opportunity to exchange experiences with each other and share practices. The webinar will be on 17 February and participation is by invitation only.
Save the date:
International Criminal Justice Summer Course
The Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE) is a partnership of three network organisations working in the field of probation, prison and restorative justice. This ‘Summer Course’ consists of plenary sessions, three parallel workshops, four seminars and five study visits. By sharing ideas and considering the very latest research and programmes, participants will be stimulated to engage with the debate on how to respond to sexual violence. Registration will be open in February. The summer course will be on 5-8 July 2022, in Barcelona.
EuroPris News
Justina Dzienko joins the EuroPris team
Justina Dzienko started working at EuroPris this month as the Deputy Director of EuroPris. By profession she is a psychologist and a biologist and has a German and Polish background. At her previous employment, Justina was a civil servant of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany. There she worked in all three areas (ministerial, outpatient and penal sector) of Prison and Probation Administration. As a Head of Unit, she was responsible for criminological research and treatment of outpatient and inpatient offender work, reintegration, preventive detention and electronic surveillance in the Department of Corrections and Outpatient offender services. In the psychological service she was active in the Prison Waldeck (Rostock) as well as in the Forensic outpatient and probation services (Schwerin). Justina will be coordinating most of the expert groups and helping the organisation with its strategic management.
Contact Justina via this address: 
"With Justina’s experience of working in prisons, her academic background, and previous involvement in the Children of Prisoners expert group, she will make a great contribution to the EuroPris team. To start with, she will develop the operation of EuroPris expert groups including new ways to communicate outputs and results. She has a strategic eye and I look forward to having her on the team here in The Hague."

- Executive Director, Gustav Tallving
Nomination of experts:
EuroPris Covid Working Group
How can the pandemic contribute to the transformation of prison practice? European prison services shared many challenges during the first phases of the Covid pandemic. Still, each prison service had to find solutions to prevent the virus from entering facilities, maintain safety, and protect human rights standards. EuroPris is now forming a working group to produce a practice collection, showcasing reforms and innovations implemented in the last two years. The work of the group will be coordinated by Athena Demetriou, Deputy Director-General of Cyprus Department of Prisons. Prison services can submit nominations of an expert by 15 February 2022. Read more about the nomination procedure by clinking on the link below.
Now available:
Domestic Violence Workshop presentations
Domestic violence is an ongoing phenomenon all around Europe. EuroPris and Confederation of European Probation (CEP) established the expert group on domestic violence to work on improving the management and rehabilitation of offenders with a domestic violence background and to raise awareness about this issue in European Prison and Probation Services. On 1-2 December 2021, CEP and EuroPris organized a joint workshop in Belgium on Domestic Violence in prison and probation. During the 2-day program, the key areas focused on the evaluation of treatment programs, the use of virtual reality, and interagency cooperation. Presentations from experts are now available on the event page.
Now available:
Sexual Offenders Webinar Recordings
On 30 November, the partners of the Criminal Justice Platform (EuroPris, CEP and the European Forum for Restorative Justice) organized a webinar on the management of sexual offenders. During this webinar, leading academics and researchers presented the state of play regarding management and reintegration in the community of persons convicted of a sexual offense. View the recording of the webinar and presentations on the event page.
Other News
PRI Report: Natural hazards and prisons
People in prison are among the most vulnerable to suffering from the negative effects of natural hazards. Despite international and national momentum to enhance disaster risk reduction (DRR), its application in prison systems is often not a primary concern. In recent years, people detained and working in prisons have been injured – sometimes fatally – due to damage and destruction caused by natural hazards, exacerbated by inadequate preparations by prison authorities to ensure their safety. Based on primary research, this guide – the first of its kind – presents practical measures with a human rights-based approach for practitioners and frontline staff working in prison systems.

Highlights from KMS
EuroPris receives queries from member countries every week, and in this section, we will highlight several Knowledge Management System (KMS) reports from the last months. Click on the link to view each KMS report:

Upcoming Events
Director Generals' Webinar
17 February - Online

CJPE Victim’s rights Webinar 
3 March - Online

5-6 April - Istanbul, Turkey

EuroPris Annual General Meeting
Tba - Spain

5-8 July - Barcelona, Spain
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