49th Edition
January & February 2021
January 11th was the first day of the 2021 school year at Matim Primary School. There is always so much excitement, especially for the Maasai mothers and fathers bringing their little ones to enroll in kindergarten. This year enrollment includes 200+ kindergarteners and 1400+ total students. We wish all students and teachers a safe and successful school year.
Impressive Progress on the English Portion
of the National Exam
As we reported in the previous AIFA Newsletter, Matim PS excelled again this year on the National Exam. This graphic (from Robin Camarote) displays the very impressive results of the English portion over the last five years. This is the result of many factors such as:
  • Providing critical school supplies of pens, paper and exercise books
  • Constructing a computer lab stocked with more than 20 computers equipped with 26 educational programs
  • Hiring a computer instructor for teacher training
  • Building a library and stocking with English and Swahili language books
  • Paying a librarian and computer aide
  • Opening an English Learning Center in the library as well as other activities
This was all made possible by your donations.
Meeting the Challenges of Increased Enrollment
The explosive growth in student enrollment at Matim is an indication of how much the Maasai community values education of their children and for them to attend Matim. In addition to needing more classroom space, there is the obvious need for more student desks. Donations permitted us to buy 96 new metal frame desks. These are substantially more sturdy than the all wood desks and will last 5 times as long.
Construction of a New Classroom
When AIFA donors built the first kindergarten at Matim PS, the enrollment was 90 children. In 2020 the enrollment swelled to 230 children. For 2021 the enrollment is 220 children. The Maasai parents were so concerned last year that they met with government officials and reached an agreement that if the parents built the foundation and the walls, then the government would complete the classroom. The parents completed their work but the government ran out of funds before the building could be completed. Understanding the dire consequences of 200+ children in one classroom, AIFA has identified funds to complete the new classroom. This will include a cement floor, heavy timber roof with steel panels, blackboard, windows and doors.  
Rehabilitation Work at Mukulat Secondary School
You will remember that last year donations permitted the construction of a Girls Health Bay at Mukulat SS, dedicated in February with Molly and Mary Anne, Yvette and Kim representing AIFAAIFA, through a special grant, was able to accomplish the following work at Mukulat: a toilet facility for the new Girls Health Bay, rehabilitation of 10 station girls toilet facility and new tables, chairs and shelving for the new library. We are so thrilled to be able to help these students, many of whom are graduates of Matim PS.
Best Wishes to Headmaster Mr. Nada
Speaking of Mukulat SS, we are saddened to learn that Mr. Vitalis M. Nada, Headmaster, has been transferred to another school. We have enjoyed a great working relationship with him since 2014 and he will be missed.
 Check out our 2021 AfriPads video!
Expansion of the Girls Health & Hygiene Project
We are so fortunate to continue our Girls Health & Hygiene Project in 2021. Our great news is that a special grant allowed us to continue at Matim PS and Mukulat SS, but also extend to Lemanyata PS. Now, up to 400 young girls will benefit from this very important program. We are so pleased to be working with the outstanding staff of AfriPads, especially Rephrin Allen Kombe.
Teachers of the Month
January: Mr. Elibariki is a Social Studies teacher who assists Mr. Lang’o on special projects at Matim.
February: Ms. Paulina Liazar is a very enthusiastic kindergarten teacher at Matim who has decorated her classroom beautifully with all kinds of art.

Matching Facebook Funds for Giving Tuesday
As previously reported, almost $6,000 was donated on December 1st for the Giving Tuesday Campaign. Many of you asked, “Did AIFA receive any matching funds for 2020 from the Facebook/Gates Foundation?" The results are in; we received $2,214 in matching funds! Thanks to all who made this possible.
As always we sincerely thank all who have been so generous in supporting AIFA’s work: Donors: Jacquie & Steve Tennant, Ted Ziegler, John & Jenny Bennett, Tom & Kathleen Crow, Sharon Wilson, John & Val Smith, Marsha McCauley & Jack Christy, Carol & Alan Dellapenna, Rene & Neal Bierbaum, Nickole McGurk, Aime, Charlie & Emmett Wood, Sandy & Steve Maher, Debra Beals, John G. Sery, Sue Packard, Lucy & Blix Winston, Alison & Frank Dennis, Bob Bluman & Nancy Newman, Mike Schroeder, Alex & Dorothy Rubin, Bob Balderson, John & Kathryn Nash, Judy Scheuer, Tom Neff, Bill & Glee Butts and one anonymous donor.
If you would like to make a fully tax-deductible donation, you can safely do it here. Thank you!
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