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January ~ February Newsletter 2013
Welcome to Jen Haugland Music

I can't believe how fast the days go by. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating our Savior's birth at Christmas and now we are moving into March! I am longing so much for Spring already! I didn't even have time to get a newsletter out in January, so now you get one on the last day of February to re-cap both months!
January Brought Puppies!

I picked pastels for this newsletter, because January has seen the arrival of a new litter of puppies in our house (and the main reason why you haven't heard from me in awhile)! Our Ally was bred to a stud dog in Pittsburgh and on January 21st we were met with the additional pitter patter of 20 more tiny paws! But not only did I have 5 little ones to watch over, one of the puppies born was born with a cleft lip and required around the clock care. For 4 weeks the longest stretch of sleep I had was 4 hours a night. It was very much like having a new baby in the home, yet I learned I didn't quite have the energy I once did when my children were babies! It has been very challenging for me to balance out finding the time and energy to put into my songwriting and ministry development during this time. There were and still are many teachable moments I am experiencing from God during this time, that I think I will blog some of them to share with you! God is so good to teach us lessons through His creation and He always has quite the sense of humor! I did manage to come up with some new song ideas during the middle of the night feedings and finish one of my songs!
Spin That 45 Review
Review by Spin That 45!
I was very excited to get my first official review of my EP, Your Love Comes After Me by my friend Loretta Sassaman of Spin that 45 in mid January.

Probably the greatest compliment in the review to me was "I wouldn't say that vocally, this is the best singing I've ever heard in the technical sense. But in this case, it doesn't matter. Every song conveys sooo much! They are so heartfelt, so deep. No one, BUT Jen could sing them..."

It doesn't matter how cool or uncool of a voice you have. If God has called you, He will use you. Moses is a great example of that. No one can tell your story like you can and convey the depth of meaning behind the words and melody of His faithfulness in your life. Singing to our Savior is not a popularity contest; it's a revealing of a tender heart that bears it's soul to the object of it's love. You can have incredible vocals and miss the the mark by not having your heart in the right place. Likewise, you can have really good vocals and have your heart right where it needs to be. At least that is my desire (and not to be a distraction!). I am honored for this review.

Check out the full review here:
Deep Heartfelt Worship.Thank you, Loretta!
What am I doing now?
Minus the excitement with puppies, I did find time to finish 3 songs and am working on a 4th one. Cindy Wilt Colville and I worked on two of them together. I am now working with Eric Copeland of Creative Soul in Nashville to begin some preliminary production on one of the songs, "Intentionally", which is a song that I hope will minister to those with children who have disabilities or for anyone who struggles with, "God, why did you make me this way?" It will be a slower process producing these next songs as funds become available, but I am very excited about the top notch session players in Nashville, who will be working on these fresh melodies and lyrics that have come from my heart. I really am excited for you to hear them when they are finished!

Eric is also helping me to re-develop my website to give it a leaner and cleaner look. The complexities of Word Press have bogged me down and I have had a couple of crashes recently. So be looking for the upgrades in the near future! I am thankful to be partnering with Eric and his team at Creative Soul.
Shout Out to Gerod Bass and Kingdom Come!

I just have to brag about a Brother in the Lord, Gerod Bass, who just released his new CD Kingdom Come! Gerod and I co-wrote the title track of this album and Gerod's version of it is a nice full production put together by producer and friend Matt Kees. I would really recommend you purchase Gerod's new album on iTunes and give it a good listen! Of course I love Kingdom Come, but also noteworthy are: We Belong To You, Dwelling Place, and Taste of Salvation

Click on the album picture on the left to go to Gerod's website and order the CD or click on the iTunes link above.
Finally, if you haven't had a chance to hear my new EP, Your Love Comes After Me, be sure to purchase it on iTunes  or Amazon or order a physical copy directly from my website and I'll even autograph it for you! :)

Please be sure to write up a review if you purchase the digital download from iTunes or Amazon. Thanks!
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Blessings in Christ,  
"Only fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things He has done for you." 1 Samuel 12:24, ESV