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Feeling Overwhelmed

            January, 2016

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" For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person's life at a given moment."

by Viktor E. Frankl, Austrian neurologist and psychologist.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the New Year and all that is expected of you from work, school or your family?  Did you set goals in the last few weeks that may or may not be possible during this calendar year?  Read below for some tips on managing this New Year and setting yourself up for success, not disappointment, in reaching those goals.

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From The Positive Perspective......

So, you began the year telling yourself that this was going to be the year of exercise or the year of organization.  Now it's almost the end of the first month and you have already stopped exercising and you have not organized one thing in your home or your office.  Should you give up?  Absolutely not.  Just an awareness that you have set the goal and are not yet making steps to achieve it can be a move in the right direction.  

Now that you know you should be serious about this, what is one small thing you can do to move forward on your journey to success?  How about choosing a "slow" day in your week to exercise, for even 15 minutes.  Take one Saturday morning a month to clean out something in your home or office.  How about buying a planner at the local office supply store and taking one afternoon to make a plan...and write it down?  Studies show that when you write down the plan, you become more accountable to that task.  I, myself, get satisfaction from just checking off those items that I have completed.  It can give a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for sure. Telling someone about that plan helps to make you even more accountable.

Are you a student who is overwhelmed by the new professors in college and their expectations of you?  Take the time to introduce yourself to every professor you have and ask them how you can do well in their class.  Before you decide that you will be overwhelmed, be sure to understand what is expected of you.  Many times we assume certain things have to be done, when in fact, after we speak to the professor, we find out different expectations need to be attained that may not be as overwhelming. 

Take any large task that you feel overwhelmed by and break it down into smaller segments.  Maybe you have a major event to plan this year.  To think about the whole event as one large and looming task is daunting.  Get a notebook or a calendar and a pen. Decide what has to be done each month til the event; and then each week within that month; and then each day within that week.  Write it all down.  Be specific.  This task alone may take a little time, but if you have it written down, you don't have to keep it all in your head.  Also, with this large task, decide if you can delegate any tasks to other reliable individuals. Can you share some of the responsibility?  If so, make a plan to delegate what you can.

Think about the resources within your grasp that can help to reduce your feelings of anxiety and frustration. You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed.  Remember that.  Many individuals feel overwhelmed at times.  Finding a path to take you away from those feelings and towards feelings of success and comfort can make a tremendous difference in your year, especially when you look back at this year and see your accomplishments.

Now that you have a few tips on managing the feelings of being overwhelmed, there is only one thing missing.  How do I know if I am making progress?  Recognizing that progress is being made motivates us to keep going.  Make time to evaluate how you are doing.  Look at what you have accomplished, not just what you haven't accomplished.  Maybe you have cleaned out two closets.  Hooray.  The whole house is not yet organized, but you are on your way!!!  Make time a few weeks or months later to evaluate again.

I am looking forward to hearing about all your successes in the coming year and welcome feedback or article ideas anytime.

Thank you for looking at all of my newsletter topics .....From The Positive Perspective. 
Stay well.
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I wish you well...