January 2021
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Take a Listen to Bishop Barres Speak about Participating in the March for Life 2021
Dear Friends for Life,

These are unprecedented times indeed. For the first time, this Friday, January 29, 2021, we will mark the 48th March for Life as a local/virtual event. 
Please see www.DRVCMarchforlife.com for the many ways that you can participate from home or at special events in parishes across the Diocese of Rockville Centre.  

Certainly, we will miss the usual camaraderie standing shoulder to shoulder at the Rally on the Mall in Washington, D.C. with hundreds of thousands of other advocates for the unborn and the vulnerable. However, the local experience will offer a new opportunity to invite to the March for Life others who might not have experienced it before. The mainstays of the March for Life pilgrimage (prayer, witness and sacrifice) remain the same, but will be experienced in ways that accommodate limitations that are beyond our control. The beautiful “Life is sacred” signs can be posted in your windows, hung in your public halls, or displayed at your parish or on your front lawns, to show our solidarity with the unborn and unity of witness across our Diocese.
Note that for this year only, you may obtain a plenary indulgence for participating virtually in the
  1. National Prayer Vigil for Life at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the immaculate Conception on Thursday, January 28, 2021 8:00-11:00 p.m. or
  2. Mass for Life at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew on Friday, January 29, 2021 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Provided that you meet all other conditions: detachment from any sin, Sacramental Confession, Eucharistic Communion and prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father. Links to these events can be found on the website www.drvcmarchforlife.com. These events will be televised on Catholic Faith Network as well. Read more
The March for Life is here local/virtual for 2021!

Please visit this site to see and participate in a pilgrimage with events scheduled across the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

Thank you for all who have made this possible!
“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Th. 5:17 
A Reflection on the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade
“Father Jim, thank you for my life!”

by Msgr. Jim Lisante, 
Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes, Massapequa Park
From 1985 through 1996, it was my privilege to serve as Pro-Life Director and Family Life Director for our Diocese. It was a time of challenge on life issues which divided and continue to divide our country and much of the world. The 1980s were a time in which we were still absorbing the full scope of both the Roe Vs. Wade and Doe Vs. Bolton Supreme Court decisions. Taken together, these cases effectively wiped away any and every state regulation on access to abortion. In response, the Diocese of Rockville Centre under Bishop McGann's very able leadership determined to stand for life in a multifaceted way.  Read more
“Holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with the teaching, so that he will be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict.” Tit. 1:9
A Bit of Bioethics
Vaccines and Other Entanglements with Abortion
As the new COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out, several people have told me, “I don’t want a vaccine with any connection to abortion.” 

This is a valid sentiment that most of us would likely echo. At a minimum, it should serve as an important “call to action” for each of us during the course of this pandemic. Even if we decide to get inoculated with a vaccine that was produced using abortion-derived human cell lines — which for a serious reason and in the absence of alternatives would not be unethical — we still face a real duty to push back and make known our disagreement with the continued use of these cells by researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and academia.  Read more
Take action on public policy matters in New York State through the New York State Catholic Conference's Catholic Action Network (CAN) .
See below for a list of current issues for you to learn more and to take action.
Take action on legislative issues through the The National Committee for a Human Life Amendment (NCHLA)
“All whatsoever you do in word or in work, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” Col. 3:17  
March for Life New York
On Saturday, January 23rd in the bitter cold over 400 people came out to pray and witness for the unborn. The March for Life NY was held at the H Lee Dennison Building in Hauppauge. Pastor Joni Lupis and her husband Pastor Jim Lupis organized and ran this annual rally for Life in praying for the overturning of the horrendous law of Roe v Wade. Many inspiring speakers were present: Congressman Lee Zeldin gave his personal testimony for Life. Nick Loeb, actor and producer of the new movie Roe v Wade (HOME | Roe V. Wade Movie) coming out on April 2nd. He shared that one of the actors has already converted from making the movie. Navy Seal, Jon Gilliam spoke about the sacrifices it takes to battle for a cause and how we must be tireless in our efforts.

We thank God for all those that stood out in the cold, with warm hearts on fire with the love of God for these innocent babies.
March for Life NY

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Pro-life advocates mark Roe v. Wade anniversary with prayer at St Patrick’s parish cemetery in Smithtown
Pro-life advocates pray for the unborn during a prayer service at St. Patrick Parish Cemetery in Smithtown, Jan. 22, 2021, the 48th anniversary of the Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion in the U.S. The gathering also marked the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.
(CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz)
40 Days for Life Video 
"The King will answer and say to them, 'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.' Mt 25:40
Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be

On January 1 the Church celebrated the Solemnity of Mary, Holy Mother of God. As we approach the manger to adore the infant Son of God, we cannot help but recognize that Mary is indeed Mother of God. The holy Nativity calls us to meditate more deeply on the mystery that God used the womb of a woman to bring salvation to the world.

This feast of Mary reminds us of the great miracle of motherhood, and it reveals how God has elevated and sanctified the vocation of mothers.
As we embark on a New Year and consider resolutions for the months ahead, may we invite the Blessed Mother to guide us in our hopeful planning. We pray that through her intercession each of our hearts may be renewed with empathy and increased awareness of the challenges that so many mothers face in welcoming and caring for the gift of life. May Our Blessed Mother inspire in us a desire and resolve to increase our compassionate care and support of mothers in need throughout the year ahead.

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The Gianna Center is a medical practice dedicated to empowering women with a restorative, scientifically based method for monitoring and
maintaining their health.
  • Infertility
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The Great Work of the Gianna Center
Katie* struggled with severe pelvic pain during her periods, PMS, and migraines in her late teens. At the time, she didn’t see the connection between her cycle and her migraines. In fact, she was mostly concerned with the severe menstrual cramps that would cause her to miss school and sports, sometimes for multiple days.

In high school, she would rest, take naproxen, and battle through the pain. Now that she is a college student with a rigorous course load, she couldn’t afford to lose multiple days every month to pain.

Predictably, when she sought care at the college health center, they offered birth control pill to treat her symptoms. Katie didn't like the idea of taking medications and was also concerned about the idea of taking a daily medication for a condition that only caused symptoms 2-3 days a month. Despite these reservations, she decided to try the pill, as she was truly suffering as a result of her pain, but then experienced an onslaught of side effects.

A year later Katie learned about restorative reproductive medicine and charting at the Gianna Center. Read more
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Do you know someone who is suffering abortion loss? Project Rachel is a ministry about finding hope and healing after abortion.

Please take a listen to a power testimony of a couple who has received healing after an abortion! Jesus we trust in You!.
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If you need help please call our help line and someone will be happy to give some counsel over the phone to calm any fears or anxieties.
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